Hearts, Flowers, and Spring Reflections

This week, my parents will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.  We had an early and quiet celebration today–they didn’t want a fuss made although, if 60 years together doesn’t warrant one, I don’t know what does. :)  We had a lovely dinner together, topped off with cake, of course.  I feel very blessed to be able to celebrate this milestone with them.

I made a big pot of seafood chowder and took it, along with rolls and cake, so Mom didn’t have to lift a finger.  We also took a bouquet of cream coloured Gerbera daisies…they are so pretty and springlike!

After a few showers this morning, it turned out to be a beautiful day.

On the way home, we stopped at one of my favourite haunts, Three Mile Brook, to see how Spring had touched it.  Aside from clouds of black flies, it was beautiful in the quiet woods.

There was hardly a ripple on the water, and just before I snapped this picture, I missed a flock of Mallard ducks as they flew away…what a photo that would have been.  Another one that got away.  Sigh.

Spring had worked her magic all around us.  Nature’s first green abounded, including this small alder which was just leafing out.

And this tamarack.

As we pulled into the parking lot, the forsythia just off our deck simply glowed in the last of the evening sun.  It has held onto its blooms for almost two weeks now and shows no sign of giving up its sunny petals.  Before long, that grass will need a mowing.

Finally, a pleasant day of hearts, flowers, and woodland reflections ended with this fiery sunset I snapped from our deck.  I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Sunday, too.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

21 thoughts on “Hearts, Flowers, and Spring Reflections”

  1. 60 years most definitely deserves a celebration! I would say it’s a rarity to hear of that anymore. Huge congrats to them.
    Definitely spring there ~ and you are right about the mowing. I was thinking that the other day. It’s the only thing about summer that I’m not always excited about. Love the photos of the lake ~ that water looks pristine! It wouldn’t have looked that calm here today ~ there would have been whitecaps!

  2. Nancy girl that was so lovely !
    Congratulations to your parents .. it is hard to imagine being married and together that long (we had our 33 anniversary this past month ourselves .. not bad for a military couple at all ! LOL)
    Your pictures were beautiful .. the one of “glass’ water was stunning .. those types of pictures hit a cord with me .. and that sunset ? awesome !!
    Loved this post .. made me homesick yet again ? LOL
    Joy : )

  3. What a beautiful celebration for two wonderful people. They will also hold a special place in my heart. Ahhhh the memories! Love, health and blessings to all of you Nancy. Give your folks my very best!

  4. A beautiful post Nancy…thank you for sharing this special event with us! Mr I and I celebrated 30 yrs together and we hope to reach 60, too! I love the still waters on Three Mile Brook…what a peaceful spot for a Sunday late afternoon. I hope your week is filled with peace, calm and beauty! gail

  5. For your parents to achieve such a milestone anniversary is something that should have made the local papers. There are so few couples that have made it that far. Congratulations to them, how wonderful.


  6. You are most blessed to have your beautiful parents, Nancy. The 60th is a huge milestone … a beautiful tribute. I can plainly see, Three Mile Brook would be one of my favorite haunts too!

  7. Always love reading stories like this. Congratulations to them. You caught some good scenes that day, too. Don’t you just hate to miss a good shot??

  8. Nancy,
    You’ve evoked a lovely day through your photos. Three Mile Brook would be a place I’d like to return to, again and again.

    And how wonderful for your parents to have shared 60 years together, and for them to be here to share the lives of you, Charlie, and your families.

  9. A perfect day, Nancy, and let me please add my own very best wishes to your parents on such an awesome milestone. It’s wonderful to see the dedication with with some marriages hold together-for longer than we’ve been alive. Inspiring and humbling. Glad you were able to share it with them and enjoy the beauty of nature too!

  10. aloha nancy,

    what a beautiful tour, i love your sunset photos and tribute….aaah i’m hungry, can i have a bowlful of your yummy chowder please?

  11. What a lovely day and all the best to your parents…I agree, if you don’t make a fuss for a 60th anniversary when do you? But at least you made a fuss anyway. Good! Bill and I celebrated our 40th last summer ( hey, we married young) and we had a dinner party in the garden, enjoyed a bit of wine and played bocci! I love to make a fuss and enjoy!

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