Through a Bedroom Window

While watching the world go by just outside my bedroom window this cool, grey morning, I was surprised by all the early spring colour that was on display.  We’re weeks away from full leaf, but some of those distant trees certainly appear to be making ready.  It’s almost like a wash of autumn hues.

I love this tree that is almost directly across the street from us.  I’m not even sure what it is, but those yellowish branches make a statement against the greening pasture.  The tree at the base was struck by lightning a couple of summers ago.

I watched Mr. Crow settle himself on the top of the dead tree, preening his wet feathers.  It’s a drizzly morning here in Windsor town, but perfect for capturing some early spring colour.  I believe he or she were waiting for their mate–crows mate for life–but I hope they’re not thinking of nesting in this poor old tree.  There’s very little cover and it’s not that far off the ground.

I had company at the window this morning.  Someone else had an eye trained on that crow. :)

Ms. Forsythia is making a gallant effort to display her spring finery, but I’ll wait for another day to share her lemony frock.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “Through a Bedroom Window”

  1. I enjoyed the view through your window, Nancy, and I agree: that first hint of leaf-bud is almost like fall color. Great crow pictures. I didn’t know they were birds who mated for life. And of course your cat is gorgeous, and probably knows it.

    That tree across from you looks like a willow to me; their leaves always emerge an almost-shocking chartreuse, some of the first to come out, and the bark has that willow-y look (so if you get a headache, you can go across the road for your willow bark tea).
    Thanks, Pomona! Yes, I thought it might be a willow from the colour of the bark, and there are several others nearby. It’s actually in the middle of pasture land, so I guess it’s been well fertilized over the years, and it’s also quite wet where it grows. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. The kitty is my daughter’s cat that we are “kitty-sitting” until she finds an apt that allows pets. :)

  2. You are further along than we are Nancy. I don’t see that much green/color around here. It’s beautiful and does remind one of Autumn (but let’s not even go there now!)

  3. Nancy girl I am in love with that tree too ! and to survive a lightning strike like that . how tenacious is its will to live and look glorious ? LOL
    The crow is perfect perched on it like that : )
    … who is this golden eyed beauty with you looking out that window ? .. I loved those misty gray days in Nova Scotia .. I think because as a kid I played in the woods when we lived in Louisbourg and it was a comfort zone for me .. those feelings last a life time : )
    The kitty is my daughter’s cat, Manchester. We’re “kitty sitting” until she gets an apartment where she can have pets. She moved to AB last Oct. I imagine we’ll have him until Sept, at least, when Angie comes home.

  4. The photos are lovely, Nancy. I like the soft colors, and the way they photograph in early morning light.

    We have had one crow family (three of them, one kid who didn’t leave home, I hope) come to our yard for years. I am sure they think it is there yard. There is a nest high in a white pine at the edge of the woods, but am not sure whose it is.

  5. Nancy, Love the way that willow branches are like heralds of spring; they’re always the first to colour up as winter recedes, almost like a green blush. It’s these transitional times of year that make us appreciate the subtleties of nature, if we have our eyes (or cameras) open.

  6. The colors in the first picture are so soft. I’ll bet Kitty loves that window. The little picture of your grandson is so cute. Have a nice weekend.

  7. I so love the hues of a budding spring, too…the hardwood ridges look like pillows of colour. My favourite time will come next month, though when the Bilberry trees bloom.

    Rain is fine…just hope we can keep the snow at bay…:-)

  8. Nancy,
    What a lovely post — with the soft colors that mean spring. Ours have now expanded into the deeper greens of almost summer.

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