Freshly Greened

Behind the house, the river trills
O’er rocks and stones it tumbles, spills.

Little freshets join its song,
Freed from winters far too long.

Golden leaf escapes its bud,
The paths and roadways turn to mud.
Clotheslines sag beneath the tugs
Of heavy quilts and braided rugs.

Crocuses and hyacinths
Poke their heads up, inch by inch,
Purple harbingers of spring,
That stand for all this season brings.

Naked maples, now on tap,
Dented pails collecting sap
Pussy willows, softly preened,
Birch and poplars, newly greened.

I can’t conceive a single thing
That brings more joy than lovely Spring!

Photos/text © Nancy J. Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “Freshly Greened”

  1. I would rather listen to you than anyone. All the other poems and prose don’t compare. Love it Nancy!!! I am fond of the word trills—The paths and roadways turn to mud…..They sure did here the other night during our bad storms but the rest of the week is 80 degrees and I’ll be porch sitting.

    Anna, you’re such a dear! Thank you for your very kind words. I wish I were there to sit on the porch with you in your 80 degrees! I know it’s difficult to be a good girl when the garden beckons this time of year, but do behave and give yourself enough time to heal. A month from now, there will still be much to do. :) xo

  2. ahhhhhhhh…………. spring!!! love it.

    by the way, of all the photos to go with the Georgia O’Keefe quote, yours is by far the best. Priceless

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