New Life for Azaleas?

I was given a beautiful, pink azalea for my birthday and though many of its blooms are spent, there are lots of buds left to open.  I wondered if these potted azaleas could be planted outdoors, but from what I have read, they tend to not do well.  However, I learned that they can be coaxed to bloom again and that they can be kept outside *in their current or similar pot* and brought inside again in the fall.

Has anyone in Zone 5b or close to it had any luck transplanting a potted azalea, and if so, care to share how you cared for it?  Has anyone ever had them bloom again in their pot?  I’ve had azaleas in my garden before, but never a potted variety.  Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “New Life for Azaleas?”

  1. Out here on the wet coast we can definitely grow them outdoors all winter. But we also tell customers that they make a good houseplant. They love water, and maybe some bright shade.

    Good luck, it’s a beauty.


  2. Nancy girl I am in the same position with my little azalea .. but Martha from Water Roots has told me that her mother has had these gorgeous plants and does take them outside for the warmer months and they become larger and bloom like crazy .. I have been giving mine weak fertilizer byweekly and making sure it gets light but not to bright or direct. I want to keep mine going as long as possible too !

  3. Here in the sunny South they bloom in the spring and that’s it. Unless you get the Encore variety and they will bloom again in the fall. I’m in Zone 7 so am really no help at all – sorry!!! Good luck with yours!

  4. It’s just beautiful, Nancy! Such a bright sign of your ‘spring-to-come’…Too bad they don’t do well for you year-round up there at the ‘north pole’:-) I don’t have the re-blooming kind but mine overwinter, go into dormancy and then bloom every spring. I have always purchased mine in large pots from garden centers so don’t know about the variety you have. I hope you can get it to hang on for a long while and re-bloom for many months…that would be a real treat!

  5. It is so beautiful, your azalea. All azaleas are not the same. Very few will take lots of cold. Generally what we call ‘Florist’s Azaleas’ are very tender and require growing under glass in the winter. I found a site that looks like good information on growing these:
    Care of Greenhouse Azaleas

    I hope you’re able to bring it to bloom again and again.


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