GGW Picture This Contest – “Awakening”

I chose this photo for this month’s theme as I could almost hear this hyacinth bulb stretch and yawn during its awakening, its bright green shoots gently pushing the soil aside as it emerged from its sleep.

Gardening Gone Wild hosts the Picture This Photo Contest every month — you can find details and entries for this month’s contest here.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “GGW Picture This Contest – “Awakening””

  1. I think seeing a hyacinth bulb’s bloom emerge and finally bloom is one of the most exciting events in the garden. That’s why I force bulbs, knowing they’ll be open in my garden shortly afterward. They make exciting gifts to non-gardeners, too.

  2. I had your blog on my desktop from earlier today, when I was eating lunch. I needed to get back to my kitchen clean out. I have been looking in my yard to see if I can find a subject to take a photo of for the contest. I think I have only entered it once. I need to get out there and fluff up my leaves. They are flat from the weight of all the snow we had. I bet you are waiting for yours to melt. We just have one small pile that should be gone in a couple days.

  3. Nancy girl I had to put mine on the deck .. that wonderful scent makes my husband sneeze up a storm .. BUT .. it is doing so well out there still and the deck smells lovely : )
    Pretty plant waking up just as you said : )

  4. What an amazing photo! I agree that I can hear it yawning as it stretches up and out, saying, “Good morning! Hello!”. Fantastic photo. Also thank you for informing me of the contest at Gardening Gone Wild…didn’t know about it previously. :)

  5. I know exactly what you mean Nancy, I love when the beautiful bulbs open up and there is soil all over them~that’s nature in all its beauty. gail

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