That’s “springy” as in bouncing around, not the change of season sort, although the thought of warmer, sunnier weather is most welcome as we push our way through a gloomy February.

No, springy is how I’ve been lately — bouncing around between the new apartment and the current one as we prepare to move this coming weekend.  Before that, however, there is much work to be done to make the new apartment ready.  The former tenant left behind unimaginable filth and damage, and the landlord did do some work, but when he felt his contribution was sufficient, the rest was left in our laps, so to speak.  And to be honest, I don’t have a whole lot of “bounce” left in me!

So, if my posts have been sporadic lately, that’s my story.  Things should settle down in the next week or so.  To my delight, my new ground level deck is skirted by a large forsythia on one side, and a straggly (but very pretty) rhododendron on another.  I already have plans to incorporate it into a larger bed.  March is a perfect month for such planning.  Once we’ve unpacked and settled in, I’ll take some photos.  The deck is shaded from the hottest of the afternoon sun by several huge pine trees — I’ve already stood and listened to the wind sigh through its beautiful boughs.  There’s nothing like a change of view to lift the spirits. :)

Until then, I’ll keep posting some springy photos…and keep you posted.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “Springy”

  1. It actually sounds rather exciting, Nancy. New places can be invigorating and special as heck, especially with Spring coming and all the opportunities afforded to “upgrade” the ole blooming scenario. Good luck! I would say “have fun” but I have also moved – many times. I know better, lol. ;-)

  2. Dear Nancy, How exciting to be thinking about and planning a new garden. I do wish you well in your new home and trust that it will not take too long to impose some order.

    I shall look forward to following your progress.

  3. Moving is always a pain and it sounds like your move is a little more work than it should be! The picture is very good. My anticipation for spring is growing every day, unfortunately more snow and cold weather seems to be coming along too.

  4. Nancy, A ground level deck with spring blooming shrubs and protection from the heat sounds wonderful…oh, the joy you will have once you get past the mess! gail

  5. A change in view, indeed. I do love the sound of wind whistling through pine boughs. Lovely imagery. Can’t wait for the photos! Good luck with your move, dearie.

  6. I wondered about the move, glad to hear it is a gradu al event…I like the idea of getting the new abode ready before your things come in….then adding your things in a calm manner..placing everything where you want it. i dont’ always have that luxury.

  7. Best wishes on your in-process move Nancy! Sounds like quite an adventure. It’s good you have some time to get the place ready before the big move. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be growing in your new, shadier space. Enjoy the change of scenery!

  8. I’m glad your new place offers a bit more scope for gardening…at least that’s what it sounds like. Moving is always very discombobulating, but this transplant may lead to new and fuller growth!

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