The Winter Blues

You’ll see it in an icicle –
The cloudless, aqua sky.
In cobalt rivers, churning water
Into silver ice.

In shadows that streak landscapes
With steel bars of indigo,
In bitter wind that sculpts blue crystals
Into drifts of snow.

In sun-dappled depressions,
In star-filled, sapphire nights;
You’ll find the blues of winter
In daybreaks and in twilights.

I think this glacial color
Is my favorite, frosty hue.
Hand of Nature swaddles Earth
In shades of winter blue.

© N. J. Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “The Winter Blues”

  1. Your poem is beautifully relayed in your gorgeous photograph, Nancy. Everything seems to have a cast of blue during winter. Recently, I shot a photo of our frozen riverbanks. Where I saw the grayed green of the water beneath the thin ice my mom gasped and said “Look at all the BLUE in the photo!” When she pointed it out…yep, it was there! LOVELY poetry and photo, Nancy!

  2. Lovely poem Nancy. We are having a bit of a reprieve from winter today with temperatures around +2 Celsius and a bit of January thaw happening. But I know that winter will be back with a vengence very soon.

  3. Beautiful picture, beautiful poem, Nancy! We all need to be reminded that even the depths of winter hold great beauty, if we just have eyes to see.

  4. Beautiful poem, and gorgeous shot. Sending our brief glimpses of sunlight your way. Don’t return the favor with snow please….LOL.


  5. You’ve captured the beauty of winter beautifully in your poem, Nancy. “Winter blues” takes on a whole new meaning here. Always enjoy your poetry!

  6. Based in London Nova Scotia seems a world away and yet your thoughts, ideas and pictures bring you closer. Although the big thaw is starting here, I too have had to cheer myself up with shop bought blooms as I remarked on my own blog yesterday.

    I have ticked ALL of the boxes so I very much hope that this will keep me in touch with your future postings.

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