The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Yup, a Grinch stole our Christmas — I’m not sure it was the fellow pictured here of Dr. Seuss fame, but it was just as sinister.  It came in the form of cough, congestion, fever, cough, stuffed up head, cough, chills, aches…and did I mention cough?

Charlie had succumbed to a slightly less evil version earlier than I did, so fortunately, he was starting to feel a wee bit better by Christmas Day, but my Grinch came on full force on Christmas Eve and it might as well have been Easter or Halloween for all the enthusiasm I could muster. :(  And I must say, it was a very strange and very sad feeling to know that Christmas had arrived, and that I didn’t care at all…it’s my favourite time of the year.

It meant my parents spent Christmas Day alone for the first time in decades.  Neither of my girls were home for the actual holiday — the older is in Alberta — thousands of kms away —  too far to travel after just getting settled in her new home; the younger, and grandson Nolan, spent the actual holiday at home, as it should be, and do plan a trip home as soon as they can reschedule their work schedules to accommodate a trip…some time in the next couple of weeks, we hope.  Until then, everything will remain in place — tree, decorations, etc. — which surely isn’t a hardship for me.

So, I dubbed 2009 The Christmas That Wasn’t.  Charlie feels steadily better every day; I, on the other hand, have what I believe to be bronchitis and should probably see my doctor, but keep putting it off until tomorrow.  We still haven’t done much visiting; in fact, I’ve done none.  I wouldn’t dare take this near my parents, though as soon as I feel better, we’re still going to “do Christmas Day” with my folks.  Charlie spent some time Christmas morning with his folks; I couldn’t get off the couch.  Luckily, he had 4 vacation days left which gives him this whole week off.

And so it goes.  The Day comes and it passes, as it does every year.  And when we put it away in the vault with all the other Christmas Days, it either outshines all the rest…or casts the biggest shadow.  I’d have to say this one was pretty dim by comparison; but ever the optimist, I expect it to get noticeably brighter with the arrival of a certain 3-year-old elf. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”

  1. He’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch…… Yuck, you poor thing. Hope that you feel much better very soon. Take good care of yourself, this is a kicker of a virus going around.


  2. I think I’m finally about over my cold. It has hung on for a long 4 weeks. I’m almost positive I didn’t pass it to you though! ;-)

    I really am sorry that this has interfered with your Christmas plans. Hopefully you’re enjoying your quiet time and that you can catch up with your family and friends before long.

  3. We had a similar Christmas this year. The hubby spent Christmas Eve sleeping on the bathroom floor with a puking 4 year old ’til five in the morning Christams Day. Meanwhile I was upstairs trying to sleep with a lingering headcold. I’ll blame the grinch, too…no fun!

    Christine in Alaska

  4. Goodness Nancy, I’m so sorry. I did start to wonder and looked you up on facebook too. Big healing hugs to you. What a bummer about all your plans but you will still make it happen and Nolan will never know the difference.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    And I’m at now can’t change the log in here cause I still have the fgg blog.

  5. Nancy girl .. you weren’t alone with this Grinch activity .. Hubby has bronchitis (maybe that second trip to Cuba wasn’t a good idea ? LOL) .. the dryer quit at the worst time possible (part and repair guy held up until the 31st .. Son’s girlfriend staying with us to “meet” us .. drive to and from the Syracuse airport was nerve clenching with horrible weather .. girlfriend missed flight and a string of crappy events ensued.
    Well I can honestly say we felt like we didn’t have a Christmas at all .. BIG sigh !! Misery loves company .. come on over ? LOL

  6. I’m sorry you guys were sick for the holidays. We were fortunate to have all family members well for the day, though some had just gotten over the flu. Feel better soon!

  7. Oh, no, Nancy! Nothing like coughing nonstop and not being able to breathe. And right at Christmas, too! Not fair!!! Hoping you feel better soon and have a happy, HEALTHY 2010!!!

  8. Hope you will be well soon! I have had the same problem. If all the kids hadn’t left today, I would have had to excuse myself. Feeling miserable, but it just takes time. Hope your holiday cheerfulness finds its way home soon. (Just had to leave a comment. I thought maybe your misery would love company.)

  9. Why that ole bugger , how could he lay you up for Christmas. Now that is just not right. So sorry you felt so bad and missed Christmas. Hope you are o the mend and get it taken care of, okay?
    Happy New Year Nancy and may it be filled with your heart’s desire and a Joyous next Christmas too.

  10. I hope you are feeling better. However, on the happy side, you described it all so beautifully. Smiling. Be well, and watch those chest colds. Hugs, Janie

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