Deck the Table!

Whether you prefer elegance and glitz, or something less sophisticated and more rustic, creating an attractive and imaginative centerpiece for your holiday table doesn’t have to be difficult…and best of all, doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  I’ve shown a few ideas below — some which I’ve used myself, and some very creative ideas I’ve gleaned off the net.  Please note that none of the photos are mine but photo credits are supplied.

What could be simpler to put together than this beautiful ornament, reflected in a small mirror?  The designer has secured the ornament in place on a small mirror tile and attached several small ornaments or large beads to the corners.  In the hook loop, whimsical silver wires and some coordinating beads have been inserted.  Of course, you could do this with any colour ornament, depending on your colour scheme.  This is one of my favourites of the many ideas I came across.  (Photo credit)

This lovely arrangement is perfect for those of you who still have roses in bloom.  The roses here in Nova Scotia have long ago withered away, but, roses that are suitable for such an arrangement can be purchased inexpensively at many greenhouses or big box stores, especially toward the end of the week.  At one time, Avon Valley Floral, a local commercial greenhouse, used to sell roses on Fridays for $10/dozen — I’m not sure if they still do.  They can also be found fairly economically in our local supermarket.  This centerpiece consists of roses placed in an attractive silver dish with a few colourful ornaments laid on the tray.  I can picture this in a holiday teacup and saucer, a gravy boat, and many other containers.  And wouldn’t gardenias be gorgeous?  (Photo credit)

Don’t forget the candles!  This festive centerpiece couldn’t be easier — a tray or charger plate holds three pillar candles and is surrounded by fresh cranberries.  (Photo credit)  A variation on the same candle theme is pictured below, with candles arranged on a decorative tray and surrounded by shiny ornaments.  (Photo credit, below)  You can use your imagination as to colour and container.  The ornaments could be replaced by apples, green or red.  It’s all about using what you have at hand or can easily obtain.

Take extra care when using candles in your centerpiece…NEVER leave them unattended!

Nothing speaks more clearly of Christmas than the poinsettia.  This bright red plant has been placed in a white serving bowl and is accented with silver candlesticks and red candles.  Elegant, indeed.  (Photo credit)  I’m sure you can think of other containers.  Below, a pink poinsettia has been tucked into a simple cardboard box which has been wrapped in silver paper and embellished with coordinating trim.  Any wide ribbon would be perfect on this little “present”.  (Photo credit)

Got your creative cogs turning yet? :)  For those who prefer something a little more rustic, turn to Nature!

Isn’t this beautiful?  The creator of this wonderful centerpiece has put a crockery bowl inside a grapevine wreath and filled it with apples and pine cones.  A bit of greenery tucked into the wreath completes the look.  I love this.  (Photo credit)  You could do much the same thing with a small evergreen wreath.  I encourage you to check out some of these sites for more great ideas…if you peel back the photo extension from the photo credit link, it will take you to the source.

Look at this beautiful birch log!  I remember my Dad making these when I was a young girl.  All that’s required is a birch log, about a foot in length and as big around as you want.  A 4 – 6″ diameter will usually do.  A slice needs to be removed from the bottom so that it sits level and won’t wobble.  Two holes are drilled in the top of the log to accommodate candles…more if you like.  This particular arrangement has been beautifully decorated with a velvet bow and artificial greenery and decorations, which can all be obtained inexpensively from your local Dollar Store.  Or, you could dress this with cones, winter berries, cranberries, even lemons and limes.  The possibilities are endless.  (Photo credit)

Take extra care when using candles in your centerpiece…NEVER leave them unattended!

How about the simplicity of this boxwood wreath?  What could be lovelier?  A pillar candle has been used in a neutral shade and the space filled with unshelled nuts.  I believe you could also use cranberries here, or even tiny ornaments.  A few cinnamon sticks could be inserted in the greenery.  (Photo credit)

Finally, what could be easier or prettier than a bowl full of pine cones, painted in festive colours?  These are painted a vibrant cranberry and shimmering silver…you could also do gold…or green.  Or simply daub bits of glue on the tips and roll in glitter.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

Have any of you got ideas for inexpensive and simply made centerpieces?  If so, I’d love to hear about them!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Deck the Table!”

  1. OMG, Nancy, what fabulous centerpiece ideas!!! Thank you SO much for sharing them! I have gorgeous serving dishes and soup tureens like the one you show here, inherited from a great-great-etc. grandmother, but have never thought to use them this way. Now I hope to! But my fave is the grapevine wreath with the bowl of apples and pinecones. So endearing! Our go-to arrangement are branches of boxwood and fir laid around our candlesticks and wooden St. Francis centerpeice and festooned with Christmas balls, gilded pinecones and dried gourds, apple and orange pomanders, Moravian stars, and tiny jeweled raspberries, blackberries, apples, and peaches. The display is spectacular and, since we already own, grow, or make all the display items, it’s also FREE!!!

  2. Nancy, I agree with ben! They are fabulous centerpieces. The simple candles and cranberries appeals to me and are so doable for a craft challenged person. Thank you for the great ideas~~gail

  3. Hi Nancy, these really are lovely and not hard to do either! Our favorite table decor when we had a large annual Christmas party at our first TN house was the traditional holly and ivy. We had both growing and they were just laid about the buffet style food platters. Simple and meaningful.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    The day is getting closer and we all need these simple ideas. I really like the simple cranberry and white candles. So pretty. I will copy this for my table. Thanks,

  5. Wow, thanks Nancy! My favorite for Christmas … a simple vase of white tulips & fresh cut greens & holly from the garden … second, a clear tall vase filled with a layer of cranberries, fresh greens, holly, and red twig dogwood.

  6. Nancy girl ! a huge wow to all of these ideas : ) I love the rustic look to decorations and center pieces .. I have to get some “greens” in the house for that fabulous scent .. I miss smelling that so much !
    Great idea to post all of these holidays decoration ideas girl , thanks !

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