Merry Christmas, Boston, With Love

A 38-year tradition of gratitude and holiday cheer continued Dec 3. as a 14-meter Christmas tree from Nova Scotia took centre stage at the annual Tree Lighting ceremony in Boston.

The ceremony was televised to an estimated viewing audience of 300,000 on WCVB Boston Channel 5, an ABC affiliate channel available in Atlantic Canada on cable.

The Christmas tree is a gift to the City of Boston in recognition of the help provided in the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion on Dec. 6, 1917.

“Relationships forged in times of crisis are strong and long-lasting,” said Deputy Premier Frank Corbett. “Nova Scotia and Boston share traditions of culture and heritage as well as  strong business and trade ties. I look forward to seeing this relationship grow and prosper.”

This year’s tree is a white spruce from Floyd and Elaine Shatford of Fox Point, Lunenburg Co.

“This has been so exciting,” said Floyd Shatford of having his tree selected as the centrepiece. “To see other people enjoying our tree, just as we have for so many years — it’s breathtaking.”

Nova Scotia Come to life is the title sponsor of the tree lighting ceremony and the exclusive sponsor of the WCVB broadcast that will provide exposure to the province through commercials and other on-air mentions.

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Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Boston, With Love”

  1. Wow, the tree had such rich personal history with the family…Children playing, Easter egg hunts and their family dog…They were extremely generous. gail

  2. This type of event always makes me more than proud that my son, my husband and I are all Bluenoses : )
    Thanks for posting on it Nancy girl .. my goodness your grandson looks like a grown up little man now !!
    PS .. love the new look to the blog girl : )

  3. I didn’t know this? What an honorable thing to do for both the city of Boston and Nova Scotia to have kept this friendship and gratitude going so long. You know I love this sort of thing. Bravo. I’m not familiar with the Halifax explosion. i’ll have to see what caused that and read up on such a tragic event. Must have been horrific. Seems like the family that gave loved that tree and had a great deal of pride in the giving.

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