A Gloomy, But Golden Day

Rain, rain, go away...It’s a gloomy, rainy day in Windsor town today.

rainy_viburnumBut even gloomy days can provide a beautiful landscape, such as this colourful viburnum with it’s burgundy-rust leaves and bright red berries.

rainy_hedgeIn fact, rainy days can be positively golden.  This spirea hedge provides a ribbon of gold along one side of the property.

rainy_edgeOn the opposite side of the lot, poplars stand naked in a sea of golden ferns.

rainy_burningbushDespite recent high winds, this burning bush manages to hang on to some of it’s wonderful colour.

rainy_driveThis maple still provides splashes of bright colour along the edge of the driveway and a golden carpet beneath its scraggly branches.

rainy_crabAnd what could be prettier than these tiny crabapples, bejeweled with raindrops with a tangerine hedge of wild roses as a backdrop.

There’s a bit of wabi-sabi from the balcony today — it’s a gloomy, but golden day.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “A Gloomy, But Golden Day”

  1. Is it my imagination, or are we all enjoying and experiencing the beautiful colors and textures of fall more this year? It might be that we are out there taking more shots, or maybe all the blogging really brings it to our attention?

    What ever the reason might be, your post is golden.


    That’s a very good question, Jen! We haven’t had nearly the glorious colour that we experienced last fall — perhaps we just tend to look harder for it then?

  2. Whoa, this *was* a golden day, Nancy! Thanks for sharing the wealth of beauty you saw with us!

    You’re so welcome. :) Beauty abounds. It’s my new mantra. Look with eyes wide open, I say. ;)

  3. I think gloomy, rainy days bring out different colors in the landscape that can be washed out in the sun. Your photos are beautiful.

    Indeed! For colour accuracy, especially for portrait skin tones, the diffuse light of an overcast day is the most flattering.

  4. I agree w/Noelle…the less intense light helps show off the beauty in these photos. I love fall days.

    I love them, too, Jan — one wouldn’t typically think of fall colour on such a dull day, but you really do have to think outside the box sometimes. :)

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