The Frosty Kiss of Autumn

Raucous red...When the frosty kiss of Autumn in the dark
Makes its mark
On the flowers, and the misty morning grieves
Over fallen leaves;
Then my olden garden, where the golden soil
Through the toil
Of a hundred years is mellow, rich, and deep,
Whispers in its sleep…

– Henry Van Dyke


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

4 thoughts on “The Frosty Kiss of Autumn”

  1. Nancy, Such a nice maple; I love the brilliant red against the blue sky! It’s rare for nashville to have leaves this color in canopy trees…but little dogwoods and viburnums will pop with reds and burgundies….I am so hoping we have snow so i can participate in the First Snowfall Project this year! gail

  2. Lovely leaves, Nancy. I have to come down off the mountain to find any good colour this autumn, as most everything got blown off the trees while still just changing. Down in Windsor/Falmouth there’s sure been lots of good colour, though.

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