Fall Colour Project – Golden Dream

The watcher...

On a familiar road I stood
And scanned the trees for gilded wood;
No crimson, orange or scarlet here.
“We’ve missed Fall’s flame”, I thought, I feared.

I’ve come this far, I might as well
Continue on this road.  Can’t tell
Where some unweathered, sheltered stand
Might have been brushed by Frost’s cold hand.

Past alders, pines and spruce I drove,
‘Til round a bend, a poplar grove!
Ablaze with gold, and tangerine
And bright persimmon leaves were seen!

Finally, I’d found one place
Where Autumn showed her finest face.
But, wait — what’s that, in the bushes there?
We startled each other, me and the deer.

Neither of us moved a muscle,
The only sound, the gentle rustle
Of chilled wind shaking poplar leaves.
One…more…shot before I breathe.

Eye met eye, and shutter clicked,
Then back to the forest, the white tail flicked.
The road grew quiet and serene —
And left me to ponder this golden dream.

© 2009 Nancy J. Bond

Fall Color ProjectPlease join in and post your photos of the fall colour in your area.  Visit Dave to learn more about the project, and to see some of the gorgeous Autumn finery already entered.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

19 thoughts on “Fall Colour Project – Golden Dream”

  1. Love the poem and that gold is so awesome!

    Thanks, Tina! :) There’s been more gold than anything this year – we’re missing the truly brilliant reds and fluorescent oranges. But it is still pretty. :)

  2. How delightful, Nancy! And to have captured it on film as well. Wow!!!

    Thank you so much, OFB! Lucky shot? This road is secondary, and not nearly as well traveled as other roads, but is a shortcut to my parents’ home and always worth the slower pace. We’ve counted as many as 54 deer along the route before. :)

  3. You are so talented. Love your poem and the photo is delightful. Happy Fall, indeed! :-)

    Thank you for your very kind words, Shady. And thanks, as always, for taking the time to stop by and comment. :)

  4. Lovely poem, great capture.

    We haven’t any good fall color here, but DH saw a young deer earlier today when he went to get the pump ready to winterize and have the electricity turned off, on the part of the farm that the deer frequent.

    There is a herd of 13, we’ve been told, but we haven’t counted them. Many would-be hunters are watching them closely. We don’t eat venison, nor hunt.

    No one in my family hunts, though my Dad loves a venison steak or roast. Not me. It DOES make the best mincemeat, hands down, though!

  5. What a beautiful photo Nancy. I’m wishing we still had some of this glorious fall color here instead of being blanketed in white! I think I will get the first prize for earliest snowfall this winter ~ we had our first one on Oct 10th!

  6. wow, such amazing colour Nancy! We didn’t get much of an autumn and very little colour this year — partly because of our drought but also because the deep freeze came so early last month. We got about 3 inches of snow today and I’ve been shoveling — good heavens it’s great to see that somewhere in Canada there is a true autumn!!

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