Rainy Days and Monday

A cold, wet weekend precluded getting out and about to get some Fall Colour shots, but the wind thoughtfully blew these leaves onto the small, glass-topped table on the balcony. I fear most of what leaf colour there’s going to be this year has come and gone; and yet, I look around and still see so much green everywhere. The next few days will tell, I guess. Wishing you all good weeks!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Monday”

  1. We’ve been having the cold, wind and rain down here, too, Nancy, and I’ve been worried about what it will do to our fall display as well. Fortunately, it looks like a sunny day today and hope for a beautiful fall. Wishing you the same!

  2. They are serene looking and signal time to be quiet. I posted some pictures from last year on my blog but it’s the same here–lots of green and a little color but I think that is going to change quickly with the very cool temps we’ve had.

    So good to see you today.

  3. It is definitely undecided here, a few cool days, then rainy, then sunny and warm. Someone please make up their minds! There are some colorful leaves, and I am afraid that I am going to miss out on all of them. It always seems to rain on my days off.

    But, that said, I got some good shots yesterday.


  4. I thought these leaves were encased in ice, Nancy! Very artistic photo. After complaining nonstop about our cold, rainy weather here, I was thrilled to have two consecutive days of sunshine. I even got to spend some time in the garden today. The leaves are finally beginning to turn, but more rain is in the forecast.

  5. Beautiful photo, Nancy. I went down to Windsor on Saturday afternoon for some work-related errands and the sun was out while I visited with a friend, but I think you’re right–most of our autumn colour has been washed/blown away this year. I hope to go to Acadia’s botanical garden as soon as the sun finds us again and see what things look like there–maybe it’s just that a lot of the maples are done.

  6. Beautiful picture. Last couple of weeks here, felt like winter has already started in Fall, but now its back to fall weather which is so good to see. I can not wait to rake my leaves and enjoy the colors.

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