The Stalwart Ones

We had our first, hard frost last night — windshield-covering, roof-whitening, impatiens-wilting frost. It didn’t quite paint the leaves and grass with its icy brush, but hopefully, it will be enough to jolt some colour into our trees.


Despite the frosty morning temperatures, there’s still life and colour in the balcony garden. The Stalwart Ones this year seem to be the blue calibrachoas, pictured above; in fact, all the callies are still blooming.

survivors_peachverbenaThe hanging basket of peach verbena is still blooming after a rather severe haircut and is loaded with blooms yet to open. I think it’s the most “determined” plant on the balcony!

Finally, the little tub of fiery-coloured celosia is still standing, though it is beginning to look a little weather weary. What are your stalwart plants this late in the season?



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “The Stalwart Ones”

  1. Hooray for your stalwarts, Nancy, so cheering and colorful, soldiering on! That tub of celosias speaks to me. No frost here yet, possibly in some higher elevations near us this weekend though. Our stalwarts are dahlias, mums and asters along with the knock out roses and muhly still looks good, if wet. :-)

  2. Your celosia are so pretty Nancy. Blooms are getting so hard to find around here now with record cool weather. I do not believe we will even have that final warm up we get each Fall.What the frosts are not getting the wind chills seem to be getting the rest now. I love your peach verbena. I am never growing St Georges red verbena again. Mildews like crazy. Never had that problem with verbena before.

  3. Good for you, Nancy! Your peach verbena has cheered us up this entire gardening season, so it’s nice to see it hanging on. It’s getting soooo cold here now at night, I know this weekend we’ll be separating the sheep from the goats—deciding which deck plants get to spend the winter in the greenhouse and which ones will join the compost pile to make rich soil for next year’s beds. I always wish there was room enough for them all!

  4. Nancy, I was wondering if your balcony is a zone warmer! Sometimes areas like that can be colder, too. I think I like the peachy verbena…I have a Tapien Verbena that would be beautiful on your balcony. It’s more pink but was ‘named’ Salmon! Self cleaning, long bloom and lacy foliage. Anything that has survived the relentless rains is stalwart! Asters, goldenrods and salvias are hanging in there! Soon the sheffies will bloom. gail

  5. Nancy,
    What totally lovely photos! I’m glad the hard frost didn’t get them (maybe your building provides a buffer/)

    Our supposed average frost date is today, but we have yet to hit 40°F as a low overnight.


  6. we had a killing frost on Tuesday night. pretty much sealed the deal on the pumpkins and squash. thankfully i still have some brussel sprouts and carrots still kicking around, but this weekend will be a definite “prep the beds for spring” event.
    btw, your verbena is so lovely.

  7. Nancy, these blooms look as though they were taken in the summertime! You have to love plants that can withstand such drastic conditions. My salvia and verbena have to be two of the hardiest flowers here. Love your header–looks like you have lots of fall color already.

  8. Well, we got our first real “rain”. And I am sadly sure that it will go on for many months.

    We are still waiting to see some brilliant color shows. But what you have on your balcony surpasses anything that we have here.


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