I Was Goosed

© mytimemachine/Flickr.com

The flock of Canada Geese which has been frantically feeding in local corn fields, finally left town this morning.  The cat and I were having our morning coffee on the somewhat chilly balcony when I heard their trumpets in the distance.  As their raucous honks grew closer, I was torn between running for my camera and risk missing the event, or staying put and just enjoying the show.  I stayed where I was.

There are few things in Nature that move me like the V formation of these geese as they depart.  At first sight, there were several groups of ten or so and I thought they were maybe just moving to another field.  But as they gained altitude in the charcoal grey dawn, they formed their sweeping V and by the time they flew out of sight, were in perfect alignment.

I’m not sure what it is about this once-a-year event that haunts me so, but I always see them off with an emotional tear in my eye.  Perhaps it is simply that they are gone, these majestic birds that grace our waterways all summer.  Or perhaps it is just the awe I feel at the primordial clock that tells them it’s time to go.  Maybe it’s because their departure means that Autumn has truly dug in its heels and cold weather is surely on the way.  But whatever the case, it is truly a spectacle that I always feel privileged to witness.  What a wonderful way to start the day.

(photo © mytimemachine/Flickr.com)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “I Was Goosed”

  1. I have never stopped feeling goosebumps (pardon the pun) at the sound of that primoridal honking as the geese pass overhead. I know of no more primitive, more essential, sound. If I see your geese passing this way, I’ll say hello for you. And hopefully send them back safe and sound come spring!

  2. Just reading what happened to you, brings back that feeling in my chest. Deep, almost agonizing emotions, that surrender to hope. Spring will come back, and so will the geese.

    A beautiful post.


  3. Lovely post. I’m glad to see others feel as I do about our beautiful geese. I, too, am deeply moved each time they arrive or depart. They are always a joy to watch and hear.

  4. They winter here Nancy! I love when they pass over head~~it’s just an incredible sight and I can’t help but think of that homing instinct that gets them back home to Canada every spring. gail

  5. I have had to decide whether to get my camera, or just relax and enjoy the moment, as well. It looks like you had another chance to get a photo. I enjoyed your farewell to the geese. Yes, it is fall. I just hope for some fall weather so we can get some of the frozen annuals onto the compost pile.

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