Fish Gotta Swim…


(Sunset on mudflats – Walton, NS)

October brings with it the most beautiful skies of the year, in my opinion.  This photo was taken several years ago on 35mm transparency film which was then scanned, but this is a typically beautiful fall sunset on the Bay of Fundy.  Walton was my home for most of my life and this beach owns a large part of my soul. :)

My daughter set off on her cross-country adventure today.  Though it was very bittersweet to see her drive away, I’m so excited for her new job and all the new opportunities it may bring.  It’s an almost 6000 km drive, so Mother will feel much better about the whole thing when she arrives safely.  My younger daughter and grandson will arrive some time tomorrow evening, so that’s very nice timing.

I’ve been away from the computer the past couple of days, helping my daughter pack and cleaning up her apartment.  As for the garden, despite some very, very cold nights that brought with them warnings of frost, my little balcony garden continues to thrive!  A hanging basket has gotten its second wind after a severe hair cut and is covered with clusters of new buds — the peach verbena, of course! :)  Everything else seems to be loving this cooler, wetter weather, too.  The impatiens have never looked better, and I wouldn’t mind if they decided to give it up for the season — I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick of pale pink! No complaints, really.

We’re in for some heavy rain tomorrow, but I’ll try to post some garden pics anyway. How does YOUR garden grow?


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

7 thoughts on “Fish Gotta Swim…”

  1. I am sure that it has been very hard watching your daughter set off on her great adventure. It will be nice for you to have your other daughter and grandson to take your mind of it. The leaves are just starting to change in Owen Sound, still not the intense colour of autumn. Tha annuals have not yet been struck down, I long to pull them up, but I would feel a bit like a murderer, so I leave them, hoping for a frost to come!

  2. Nancy … what a stunning picture ! I remember beautiful Autumn days/evenings while we lived in Debert, Mill Cove and Louisbourg .. there is nothing like them any where on earth ..
    Yes .. I too would feel that pang and have butterflies in my stomach waiting to hear that phone call to tell me my “child” arrived safely .. meanwhile you have your other daughter and that adorable grandson to divert your attention for a while : )
    Have a great time with them !
    Yes .. we have wind and rain today .. this is going to be one WET October .. I’m thinking not so great for pictures sadly.

  3. Magnificent, Spectacular, Fabulous , Simply beautiful !!
    enjoy the grandson and daughter.. Wishing safe travels and fun adventures what fun to be young and free.. hugs, Cherry

  4. What an awesome photo, Nancy!!! There’s nothing as revitalizing as the sea. I agree with everything Cherry says, too!!!

  5. My daughter is a senior in high school and I think often of how I’ll feel when she heads off for college. You have been in my heart since first reading of your daughter’s new adventures. I send her my congratulations on a job well done, and to you as well for raising such an amazing gal. Gorgeous photo, too. Perfect.

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