October Brings Change (And GB Muse Day)

Most obviously, I’ve changed my blog template.  Oh, you know what they say about a change being as good as a rest.  Truthfully, I find the darker background much easier on the eyeballs — now, if I could just adjust the font size to something a tad larger.  Perhaps I’ll have to break down and pay to change the Stylesheet.  But for now, it’ll do. (As an aside, I did find a way to enlarge the font, and hope it makes for easier reading. It’s done with a short segment of HTML — the drawback is that you have to insert it for every paragraph. But if you were doing it as you write, it wouldn’t be bad. You can also manipulate colour that way.)

angie_mountainsStill on the home front, October will bring a big change to our family.  My older daughter is moving to Alberta where she was offered a permanent, full time job in her field of study (Wildlife Biologist).  She spent the summer there on a 4-month, term position and fell in love with the scenery.  She loves to camp and hike, and Jasper and Banff really suited her well.

I’m thrilled that she’s finally found a job in her field — I just wish it weren’t 6000 kms away. :(  We will all miss her very much.  It is some comfort that technology (such as web cams, digital cameras, email, etc.) does make the distance seem smaller.  She plans to start the long drive next Tuesday morning.  Sigh.  Fish gotta swim…birds gotta fly and all that, I guess.  Happily, my younger daughter and my grandson will be arriving from New Brunswick Wednesday evening to spend a few days with us.  Perfect timing.

While October brings much change around the countryside, in my area, we have yet to have a killing frost — the sort that coaxes those embers of gold and orange into red flames.  And given that the first of the month is Garden Blogger’s Muse Day, I share with you a photo of — what else? — my peach verbena which is still setting out new buds!  It’s starting to look a bit ragged and withered in places, but it certainly is, and has been, a persistent bloomer!


“There was something frantic in their blooming, as if they knew that frost was near and then the bitter cold.  They’d lived through all the heat and noise and stench of summertime, and now each widely opened flower was like a triumphant cry, “We will, we will make seed before we die.” –   Harriette Arnow

Garden Blogger’s Muse Day is hosted by Carolyn of Sweet Home & Garden Chicago.  Why not share what’s blooming in your garden today?


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

17 thoughts on “October Brings Change (And GB Muse Day)”

  1. I’ve been thinking of changing my template as well. This one is really nice. I like the black background. Which one did you change to?

    Thanks, Jill — this template is called ChaoticSoul, one of WP’s standard templates off their themes page.

  2. I like the black background, it is easier on the eyes.
    I can’t tell you what is blooming in my garden till the weekend, I hope there hasn’t been a frost in Owen Sound yet.
    I know you will miss your daughter, but it is easier to keep in touch nowdays. When my grandparents left Scotland, they took a ship, and fully expected never to see their family ever again.
    Thank goodness, times have changed!

  3. Nancy girl I love the look of your new template !
    I too switch to a darker background more for this time of year aka HALLOWEEN ? .. but it does make the pictures turn up more dramatically ? ..
    Congratulations to your daughter .. those are beautiful areas .. being there in person you really feel the impact of the mountains and forests .. she will be HAPPY !
    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your younger daughter and the VERY cute little man !
    Joy : )

  4. good morning Nancy. I like the look of your new template. I bet there is a way to enlarge the font.
    Congrats to your daughter on landing her job, 6000k is a bit of a journey for mom!
    Happy October.

  5. Nancy, The black really makes the photos pop. But the folks who decide the fonts in these templates obviously don’t need bifocals.

    Our middle child has left home, too — to Nova Scotia. If I were in Alberta, I’d offer to do a trade.

  6. How wonderful that your daughter got the job she loves in a place she loves! I’ve spent my adult life far from my parents, too, so I know it’s not easy for either, but at least you’ll know she’s happy. I love your peach verbena and the quote—it’s what I always think plants are thinking, too. Fun!!! Enjoy your beautiful grandson!

  7. I love your new header and format, but the font is a bit small for me to read.
    I know how you feel about your daughter leaving for out west. We have a daughter in Victoria and I thought about her every minute she was driving there. The best part is getting to see her once a year, lots of emails, and long phone calls.
    Have a great first day of October.

    I’ve changed the font size, Crafty, so I hope that won’t dissuade you from visiting. As for my daughter, you’re right that emails and phone calls go a long way to making that distance seem much less. :)

  8. Congratulations on your daughter’s new job. I’m sorry it’s so far away but hopefully she will enjoy her new position. I like the darker background it makes the photos stand out more.

  9. You’re still a winner; being nominated is an honor.

    Maybe I’m the only dissenting voice in the color wars. White letters on Black backgrounds are very hard for me to read. Maybe it’s just elderly eye syndrome. I can see the pics just fine. One way around the tiny print problem is to find a template with bigger letters, or is that too simple and disrupting?

  10. This is my favorite of the wordpress themes. I love the dark, it will work magic for your lovely photos. I did buy the right to change the css, but glad you were smart enough to make the font larger without doing so. I still add code for spacing with each paragraph and it doesn’t take much time at all. Good luck to your daughter and her new job. So sorry it is so far, but I know you will keep in touch with each other. She looks like you. :-)

  11. I love the new color. Change is good for the soul; changing colors is good, daughters leaving…not so much for you. However, what a amazing field she is in and she is so fortunate to have this opportunity. Hooray for technology! (…when it works right – LOL!)

  12. I’ll side with Jean. It is easier for readers of a certain age if the print is a little larger, and the background can be dark, but not totally black. Will click on a new tab, your header is invisible from the picks list!

  13. New beginnings are so exciting. I wish your daughter much success. Look at it this way. Now you have a great place to go visit to share her new adventures.

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