So Long, Susan


“Colour is the ultimate in art. It is still and will always remain a mystery to us, we can only apprehend it intuitively in flowers.” – Philipp Otto Runge


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “So Long, Susan”

  1. That’s a very thought-provoking quote, Nancy. I’m going to have to ponder it a while. I think we humans are programmed to respond to color, since we have what are called “sighted brains” and can perceive so many colors. I certainly know I love them in their infinite combinations! And congratulations many times over for your Blotanical nominations!!!

    Thanks for your congrats, OFB — and right back atcha! :)

  2. Lovely Susans, and nice post. I voted for Soliloquy in your categories! I don’t spend too much time on Blotanical, but he’s doing good things.

    Thank you so much for the vote, Lisa! There are so many great blogs to choose from, I really appreciate your vote. :)

    These poor Susans have just about had their day, but they’re still a wonderful splash of colour before the leaves really begin their fall fashion show.

  3. Hello Nancy. I wandered into your blog from elsewhere (but I’ve lost track of where I was!). I’m glad I found you as I’ve had a lovely time reading your autumn poetry and looking at the glorious colours in your photos. Thank You! :)

    You’re so welcome! And I hope you’ll come back often. :)

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