Autumn’s Tapestry

('Autumn's Tapestry' poem © 2006 Nancy Bond | photo: Fall of 2008 | click to enlarge)

Autumn’s Tapestry

Autumn patiently counted the days
As she fashioned her threads of gold,
She tirelessly spun her palette of silk
And waited for days to grow cold.

She lined up her spools of tangerine,
Kept an eye on the colour of leaves.
Then early one night, when Frost kissed the Wind,
She sat at her loom to weave.

While warp and woof were intertwined,
She hummed a contented tune;
Before long she finished her tapestry,
Inspected by light of the Moon.

The Stars all blinked their twinkling praise–
Autumn had done just right.
Her tapestry of crimson and gold
Would be wrapped round the Forest that night.

She winked at the Moon as she went to her rest,
She’d had an exhausting night;
The thread would be passed to Winter now,
Who would quilt a fine blanket of white.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

16 thoughts on “Autumn’s Tapestry”

  1. I left a comment earlier, with a different blog address, oops. Anyway, this one is my gardening blog. The other one is mainly family stuff. Thanks for stopping by my gardening blog, I appreciate the comment you left.

    Always my pleasure.

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem, Nancy.

    You’re welcome, Donna — I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy your poems.

  3. Nancy, this is superb! I’m so glad you posted another one of your original poems. The imagery here describes fall so well–just beautiful.

    Rose, thank you so much for your generous comment. :)

  4. Bless you for this, Nancy! Just this morning I was longing for a poem celebrating autumn. I didn’t dare post my favorite autumn poem, Hopkins’s “Spring and Fall: To a Young Child” again!

    That is one I’m not familiar with, so I will look it up. :) I’m happy you enjoyed my little poem!

    (No wonder you like it so much…it is a beautiful verse!)

  5. Oh, how I wish your poem’s activities could trickle its way down here to sunny Florida.

    Your photo of the colored trees is beautiful. We have to drive quite north to see any leaf changes. I guess you just can’t have everything… although I don’t mind wishing for a little bit cooler temps to celebrate this lovely season.

    Enjoy your day, Nancy, and thanks for the lovely poem.

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