From Where I Stand

'Tis the last rose of summer...“‘Tis the last rose of summer
Left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone…”

I’m not sure that this beautiful pink bloom will truly be the last of the summer, but there certainly won’t be many more, even though this particular bush is a prolific bloomer.  The nights have been increasingly cool and some areas actually had a light nip of frost this past week.

Despite the colder nights, near perfect days linger.  Some of the plants that are left on the balcony are starting to show their fatigue, but many still seem happy to oblige with a continuous flush of new blooms.  The tomatoes are plumping up, but haven’t yet ripened.  I’ll be happy to get a handful for salad.  Lesson learned…start tomatoes much earlier next year!

My tiny balcony garden.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “From Where I Stand”

  1. It’s a similar story over here Nancy, but at last we’re experiencing some lovely sunny days. That seems to be our story for September when the summer’s not been up to much.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Thanks, VP and the same to you. We’re going into our third week of what I consider perfect summer days — high teens/low 20’s (70’s) in temperature with ligh breezes and crisp, clear air. Much cooler nights now, but perfect for sleep!

  2. Nancy girl ! Your balcony garden is BEAUTIFUL : )
    It is always such a pleasure to see other balcony gardeners through out Kingston too .. it takes a very imaginative dedicated plant person to fill a small space with beautiful greenery such as this .. and to have the tomatoes .. well too darn perfect ! LOL

    Thanks, Joyous! I’ve discarded a few containers that were getting too faded and gangly for my liking, but there’s still a lot of life in those pots yet. :)

  3. Your balcony does look nice! You’ll get a few tomatoes soon I hope! We did tomatoes on the back deck for several years before finally getting our home. What is that tree next to your balcony with the fruits on it?

    Hi Dave, and thanks for your comments. :) I guess we try to make the most of the space we have, don’t we? The tree, by the way, is a branch of an ornamental crabapple. It gets very small apples each year — abut an inch in diameter — too small and too bitter to do anything with. The colour is fantastic, though. :) We’re lucky to have it so close to the balcony; it’s a beauty when in bloom.

  4. We picked our last tomato instead of a rose this week. Our gardens too are starting to have areas that are looking tired even though we still are having hot days.

    Always Growing

    It won’t be long before we’re truly feeling Autumn’s beautiful hand. :)

  5. Hmmmm, I wonder if anyone could guess a gardener lived behind that cute little balcony ;-)

    My neighbours on one side have tomatoes that are still green. On the other side theirs are ripening. The difference is, I think, that they are home all day and move their tomato plants around on a trolley continuously to keep them in the sun. Worth it if you have the time!

  6. I love this shot of your balcony Nancy – it is so intriguing to be looking “in” as often your images are looking “out” and I wondered what it would be like to see from the other direction!
    PS Tomatoes have only just started doing things here I don’t think that I ever get the tomato plant timing right :(

  7. Hi Nancy…
    I just love your little balcony. You have put it to good use…planting every inch of space available to you. I would love to sit out there in the evening.

  8. I too love the shot of your balcony and I bet it’s the prettiest one of them all. This was not a year for tomatoes at my house either. I had a huge plant but only about 20 tomatoes and they all ripened at once.

  9. I’m always a bit sad when summer winds down, because I know that I have to say goodbye to the garden. But thanks for sharing your lovely balcony garden! It’s beautiful. Is that someone else’s garden below you, or are you on the ground floor where you can continue your garden?

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