Be Silent and Still

“Any person, brought into the presence of this fact, stops for a few moments and remains pensive and silent; and then generally leaves, carrying with him forever a sharper, keener sense of our incessant motion through space. ” – Leon Foucault

*   *   *

silent_sparrowAnd so it was this morning, as I sipped my morning coffee on the balcony. The air, still untouched by the heat of the sun, was filled with the happy chitter of sparrows, friends we haven’t seen much all summer.  Crickets chirped, cicadas whined; but when you close your eyes and become very still, their boisterous chorus becomes part of the background.


Chickadees chastised the cat (who laid contentedly in the shade of a planter) anxious to take a morning dip in their bird bath.

There are hints of Autumn all around, such as the gold-orange colour on the maple tree.


Some blooms appear tattered and tired…frayed around the edges and bug worn.



But still Nature pushes forward, as though she is reluctant to succumb to the passage of days.

silent_lastroseTruly “the last rose of summer”, this beauty will set forth new buds until the frost finally takes it.  Its foliage has already taken on that fallish, green-gold colour.

silent_tomatoesMy Better Boy tomato plant formed only four tomatoes, the result of two tropically windy weekends and, perhaps, overzealous fertilizing. :-/  I’m amazed (and happy!) that these three continue to grow in size and show a hint of ripening, despite a nasty split in their supporting stem.

silent_peachI’ll never tire of this peach verbena (though I fear you might!) which continues to be a star performer.

silent_flightAs I tipped back my coffee mug, my eye caught this silent flight — Someone, going Somewhere — a mere streak of white in a silent blue sky.  It was a great way to start the day.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “Be Silent and Still”

  1. You really know how to appreciate life.

    Well, I at least stop to smell the roses now, more often than I used to. We only take this trip once! :)

  2. What a beautiful and thought-provoking post, Nancy! And I never tire of your gorgeous peach verbena either.

    Thank you, OFB. :) I’m making some changes in my life from the inside out, and taking a few moments each morning to just “look and listen” is a wonderful thing.

  3. Beautiful images to celebrate the season and a great way to start the day, Nancy! Enjoy every petal of your peach verbena; all my verbena has given up for the year.

    Hello Rose! It is a very nice way to start the day — I often think how much more idyllic it would be to be able to sit at the end of a little dock and watch the morning mist evaporate off a lake, but……we bloom where we’re planted, I guess. :)

  4. Nancy, did you do anything special to nurture this verbena? I assume it took some wind, too? It looks great. Happy Fall Day!

    Shady, I took the basket down when I knew it was going to be very windy and tried to put it in a sheltered area, under a chair or something. So it didn’t fare too badly. Other than a regular dose of Miracle Grow and a bit of dead-heading, I did nothing special. I think it must have liked it here. :)

  5. Dear Nancy, You capture so much more from your balcony garden then many of us with acres of land! it’s always a treat to visit. I love the peach verbena…a nice change from the reds and purples. Hugs to you, gail

    It’s always a treat to HAVE your visit, Gail. The balcony becomes a cozy little sanctuary once everything is in bloom, but it certainly doesn’t match your beautiful ‘clay and limestone’. :) Hugs back!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Those birds looked like they were posing for you. Autumn colors are quickly coming our way before we know it. I’d better get the Fall Color Project ready to start soon!

    Thanks, Dave. Ah, to be able to get the birds to pose for us…wouldn’t that be lovely? There are mere hints of fall colour scattered here and there, and I do wonder if some of it isn’t from heat. We had some very hot days this summer, for this area, but we’ve also had some nippy nights. Whatever the case, the coutryside will soon be ablaze — I hope we have even half the colour we had last year. Looking forward to your Fall Color Project again, and before you know it, we’ll be doing First Snowfall!

  7. A lovely way to start the day indeed. You are welcome to post as many photos of your peach verbena anytime you wish as it always makes me gasp. It’s a stunner!

  8. Nancy, I can’t tell you how refreshing your posts are. I’ve been out for a time, recuperating from surgery and can’t make it to the garden too much- your posts really help me, so know it is appreciated!

  9. What a wonderful post, felt like I was on your balcony having coffee with you (would love to have a balcony).

    Love your photos.


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