This was a gift from someone sweet, and I’m passing it on.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “Moments…”

  1. Hi Nancy, I watched the whole thing, even the credits and really enjoyed each and every moment. Some were shocking, some were funny, all were real. Thanks.

    I’m glad you liked it, Frances — I don’t often post things like this because there are so many that are sort of “trashy”, for lack of a better term. But this one struck a chord. There’s a lot of truth in there. :)

  2. Nancy girl .. I wasn’t going to watch the whole thing .. but I couldn’t stop myself .. the best bits were the shots on the beach .. the footprint in the sane and the waves washing it away .. that is our lives here .. the balloon is also a reminder of how short a “flight” we have here.
    I think it is time I go to bed after being so philosophical ? LOL

    I really liked it — I particularly liked the part where the young man shooed the geese into flight…I’ve always wanted to do that! :) And I haven’t forgotten your note — it’s in my Drafts folder, just waiting to be finished. So many distractions!

  3. It is quite compelling Nancy~~I love the way he was able to blend the moments so perfectly…The popping gum…the daffodil seed head explosion! gail

  4. I loved all the happy life moments. But I also loved the fact they included the guy stepping in dog doo and the other fellow missing the bus. This is life; the wondrous, the banal; the joy and the tears. It seemed to be more joy than tears, though. Thanks for pointing us in its direction.

  5. I too wasn’t going to watch the whole thing because it was taking so long streaming and being interrupted but, just as the person above, I too couldn’t help but wait … and see :)

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