Hey, Bill! Don’t Overstay Your Welcome!

Well, it seems inevitable now that Hurricane Bill is going to pay us a visit tomorrow, bringing with him Cat 1-2 winds and torrential rain.  Ahead of his arrival, today the weather was the hottest that I can remember EVER — as hot as 40C in some places — combined with nearly 70% humidity.  Ugh!  Charlie and I braved the heat to make a quick shopping trip for my grandson’s birthday gifts, and came home to batten down the hatches on the balcony.

My tomato plants are over 7′ high!  It was really difficult to move them, but I put all three pots as close as I could get them, and tied them all together.  That’s about all you can do; Mother Nature will have her way with them anyway.  I discarded three smaller containers that were starting to look pretty gangly, and the rest are as protected as I can make them.  As I said, Bill will have his way, no matter.

So, here’s hoping Bill doesn’t overstay his welcome and leaves quickly — that’s the forecast anyway.  If we should lose power, you might not see us Bluenosers for a day or two.  They expect the storm to be about the same intendity as Juan, but faster moving away from us.  Batten down, folks!  And Bill, go easy on my tomatoes!



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Hey, Bill! Don’t Overstay Your Welcome!”

  1. even though you no longer visit, I must admit I do enjoy the infrequent times I visit (even if I don’t leave a message). Your grandson is certainly growing and tomato plants 7′ high — well I am in true envy my dear. I can’t grow them up here at all. Since my mother died I no longer get her tomatoes and am so missing those delicious apples of the earth. Glad you’re doing well.

    Diane — left a comment on your new blog…beautiful work! The plants that are 7′ are Yellow Pear tomatoes and they’re climbers. But even my Better Boys are a good 4-5 ft. I wish you were closer — I’m sure I’ll have more than we can use. :) Come back soon! And I’ll be doing the same.

  2. Nancy girl .. hubby would be on 24 hr. call in comms when he was in the Forces, during this season .. it was an unsettling time for sure .. and it has only seemed to get worse now a days.
    Hope Bill is not as bad and moves quickly out of the region !
    WOW ! on the tomato plants girl !!
    Stay safe and dry : )

  3. 40 C and high humidity makes it hard to enjoy the outdoors.

    I hope that the hurricane quiets down before it reaches your area, for your safety, as well as the tomatoes. Stay safe and dry.

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