To All My Fans

© pollen/Flickr

While I am ever so grateful to have them — this summer would be unbearable without them — I am so sick of fan noise! And I don’t mean the cheering, chanting sort, but the steady, monotonous drone of the air conditioner and other fans scattered throughout the apartment. ::grumble:: No wonder I like winter, when opening the window for 30 seconds provides a blast of crisp, fresh air and the landscape is silently white.

I know, I know.  Soon enough…

(photo:  pollen/Flickr)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “To All My Fans”

  1. I forget sometimes that those north of us may not have air conditioning! It’s a must here along with ceiling fans. 90-100 degree days would be unbearable without them.

    We’ve had a week of 90° days, with humidity that put the humidex into the low 100’s on a couple of days, but you’re right — that’s not the norm, and it was hateful. :) We live in the Annapolis Valley which is a fair bit hotter than the coast, so we do have a window AC unit, but it can only do so much when it’s THAT hot. :) I’ll be happy when we can just open the windows and let Mother Nature do her cooling thing.

  2. Hi Nancy, nice to hear from another Bond! wonder if we are related?! although it’s my ex-husband’s name and I kept it!

    It’s my ex-husband’s name…and I kept it, too! Spooky!

  3. Nancy,
    Yep those fans are helpful yet annoying. I recall as a kid how much I loved to talk into the fan. Here in the southeastern US we have serious AC yet we built the house with lots of casement windows to open at night and run ceiling fans in every room.

    This spell of super hot weather is unusual for Nova Scotia, surrounded by water as we are. But it has been a summer for the record books. And now we have Hurricane Bill barreling toward us — the fans might be the least of our worries. :)

  4. By mid August I am ready to throw those fans out the hot, humid, sun baked windows. Get the picture?

    But at last count my 10 fans in a 800 square foot condo do help. We don’t have A/C and now I am wondering why.

    I hear you, at least part of what you are saying over the whirl of all those blades.

    Oh and BTW, I am a fan of yours also.


    And likewise, Jen! I appreciate your visits and your comments. :)

  5. Nancy, Too bad that our southern summer is staying too long in NS! We are too used to the drone of machine here. Whenever possible I open the windows and air out the house! I do try very hard not to turn the A/C on, but it’s miserable here most of the summer. Sweet autumn is on its way, we can throw open the windows and breath fresh air! gail

    Amen to that, Gail. :) It’s been a miserable summer here, that’s for sure.

  6. Oh, how I love my fans. It’s funny but the noise doesn’t bother me. I find it soothing in some way I can’t explain. Our electric bill is high and I think it is because the fans are going all day, all the time in most every room. But I’m so glad I don’t have to shut the house and have an air conditioner. This way I get the best of both worlds – cool air from the fans and real air from the doors and windows. It won’t be long before it is cool again. We can always count on that can’t we, Nancy? :<)

    I don’t mind one fan, Nan — in fact, I have to have some sort of “white noise” in order to sleep. But in an apartment, that requires everything being completely shut tight with the AC unit on, it’s almost claustrophobic…and I can’t hear any outside noise. My beautiful bird song and buzzy bees are drowned out by the hum and whine of a dozen fans. :-) Yes, thankfully, we can always count on a gorgeous fall!

  7. Oh God! I so agree! We had a record setting heat wave here in Portland and I was as happy to get rid of the fan noise as I was the heat! Thanks for letting me know I am not alone in this.

    Kindred spirits! :-) I understand you may get some thunderstorms this evening — I hope you don’t feel Bill’s effects too strongly.

  8. I get tired of the noise too Nancy!

    It’s been a blessedly cool summer in the Chicago area, but we still usually have at least one fan on in the bedroom for sleeping even on cool nights. Today it barely hit 70 degrees here – looks like we’ll be enjoying cool, AND quiet night of sleep.

    We’re already feeling the effects of Bill and it’s cooler, but extremely humid here this evening. Yesterday was a near perfect day. After Bill’s visit (which I hope is short!) we’re to have some much cooler, clear days. :)

  9. Be careful what you wish for … winter will be here before we know it. Here’s hoping that Hurricane Bill is not headed your way. Turn those fans on and divert it out to the ocean.

    Winter is my favourite season, Linda. :) I’ll take the blustery days of February over this hot and humid stuff. And yes, unfortunately, it looks like Bill is going to make a direct hit unless it veers off its present course — I like your idea of blowing it out to sea! :)

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