“This was one of those perfect . . . days in late summer where the spirit of autumn takes a first stealing flight,  like a spy, through the ripening country-side and, with feigned sympathy for those who droop with August heat, puts her cool cloak of bracing air about leaf and flower and human shoulders.” – Sarah Orne Jewett


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Red”

  1. Nancy … how true is that poem ? … and what a blood red colour for a petunia !!
    The “Count” would be truly tempted ? LOL

    They are very red, aren’t they? You keep the Count away from my petunias, Joyous! :-)

  2. What a beautiful photo! And sometimes we think it has to be complicated… How in the world do you continue to find the most appropriate verses ever for your photos?? :-)

    I find most of them online; I guess I must know where to look. I also read a LOT, so I know that there are some authors who might have just the quote or poem to suit any given photo. Mostly, luck. :)

  3. Oh I can feel the crispness in the morning air. It has to be searched for to find it, but it is there. And I have a anticipation of what is to come.

    Great shot, and oh do I love that verse. Perfectly suited to the photo.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. The red is so fantastic! I love red flowers at this time of year…they look so right with the deep green foliage. Nice quote, too. gail

  5. Both beautiful; the poem and the gloriously red petunia.The red is so pretty and I find I have a terrible time trying to photograph red or pinks and have them come out right.

  6. That photo is perfection Nancy! Sometimes red can be a hard color to photograph ~ or is that just for me??

    It’s not just you, Kathleen…digitals seem to super-saturate reds and pinks. I believe I read why that is at one time, but the reason escapes me now. :) Thx for your kind words about this photo…in my experience, the closer the camera to the red, the better the exposure. Or perhaps it’s just pure luck. :-)

  7. I was going to echo Kathleen’s comment above. I too struggle to photograph red in all its rich beauty. You did so beautifully with this photo Nancy. It looks as though the flower is resting itself on a nasturtium leaf. Very pretty.

    Thank you, Cindy!

  8. Simple, yummy, stunning !

    I always get happy when I visit your blog thank you for share your beautiful pictures and words.

    For some unknown reason I cannot add you to my blog roll. I have tried at least a zillion times …
    hugs, Cherry

    Cherry, others have said the same thing about trying to add me to their blog roll. I’ll check and make sure it’s nothing in settings, but I can’t imagine why it causes a problem. And I’m so glad you enjoy your visits here — come back often!

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