Thatza Tomato!

Yellow Pear plants 2009

I took this photo (in harsh morning sunlight) to show how my teeny little tomato seedlings have grown!  The two in the back of photo are Yellow Pear plants and are nearly as tall as my diminutive 5’2″.  The plant in the foreground is a Better Boy and is also staying healthy and pest-free for me.  It’s a tomato jungle on such a small balcony.  I did have two more Yellow Pear plants that a neighbour took off my hands, thankfully.  It’s such fun to watch something grow from seed!

First teeny tomato!Upon closer inspection this morning, I found this teeny, pear shaped tomato — hardly larger than a pea — emerging from a bloom.  How exciting. :)  Here’s hoping for great weather so that they all ripen nicely as they grow.  I have plans for some chutney and relish for the ones we don’t gobble up.  I can’t wait to take that first bite.

Flame coloured celosia...a new favouriteAlso aglow in the morning light is this little tin of celosia.  Love those vibrant jewel colours — they add a bright spot no matter what the weather.



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “Thatza Tomato!”

  1. Nancy, Those are wonderfully healthy plants! I hope the Fall weather cooperates for you, so you can enjoy a bountiful harvest! :-)

    Thanks, Shady — they are (supposedly) prolific plants, so it will be interesting to see just how many tomatoes we get. :)

  2. I’ll update you on my sidebar.

    Thanks, Donna — but nothing has changed. :) I just changed my header graphic. Again. Still the same address. :)

  3. What healthy tomato plants. I plan to grow some from seed next year. There’s always that “next year” for us gardeners.

    And thank goodness there is! :)

  4. Wow Nancy! Those are some incredible tomato plants! My plant is growing (not like yours) but it only has three little green tomatoes on it. I don’t think the weather has helped but I’m hoping at least those three ripen so I can eat them! I haven’t ever tried a pear tomato but I bet it’s delicious. Good luck getting it to harvest!

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