Now THAT Is A Cabbage!

611-178-big-cabbage.standalone.prod_affiliate.23While checking out the temperature in Alaska a few minutes ago, this wonderful photo came up on this opening page.  The photo, from the Anchorage Daily News, reads:

Alaska’s long, cool summer days are great for vegetables, such as this 85-pound cabbage being entered in the state fair at Palmer. (It finished in second place.)

That’s a whole lotta coleslaw!  Interestingly, the temperature in Anchorage, as I write this, is 60°F.  After the hot, humid days we’ve had of late, I’ll take it!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “Now THAT Is A Cabbage!”

  1. The only word I can think of is …..WOW! That would take up my whole garden and then some.

    I just keep thinking about all the cabbage rolls or coleslaw one could make…LOL!

  2. Last year in downtown Anchorage, we saw a huge cabbage growing among the flowers. We were amazed! Thanks for posting this fun picture. If I remember right, they grow huge pumpkins there, too!

  3. It looks pristine too, not holey from the cabbage caterpillars like ours always are. I think they are pretty enough to be grown as ornamentals, then we don’t need to spray. Thanks for brightening our day. :-)

  4. Whoa, there’s a lot to be said for long summer days!

    And probably the cool summer weather deters all the usual cabbage herbivores.

  5. Being a mom of a two-year old might explain it, but all I can think of when I see that cabbage is, “hmmm, now I know why they used to say babies came from the cabbage patch. You actually could swaddle a baby in those leaves…”

    Ok, enough daydreaming – that IS a nice cabbage!

  6. Wowza…now that is one HUGE cabbage! But…wonder if they can grow tomatoes up there??? kim

    A quick trip around Google tells me they do, indeed, grow tomatoes. Earlier variety seeds seem to be favoured, but they do well. :)

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