Tomato, Tomahto

Tomato,, la, laOne of the most satisfying things about gardening is watching a tiny seedling grow from seed sprout to fruit bearing plant.  Though there are no tomatoes yet, of course, if the number of buttery yellow blooms are any indication, I should have enough Yellow Pear tomatoes to supply the entire town.  It won’t be long before they start to form fruit.

Summer is moving on so quickly!  Already the goldenrod has painted field and roadside in large clumps of mustard yellow, mixed with my favourite wildflower — China blue chicory — and delicate Queen Anne’s lace.  July has almost surrendered to August.  It has been a wet and inhospitable month here in the east — when it wasn’t raining, the humidity was been so high, it made any movement uncomfortable.  Hopefully August will bring with it the sunny, temperate days and cool nights that Nova Scotia is famous for. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Tomato, Tomahto”

  1. Definitely Tomaarto.
    I have just eaten my first Tomato and it was every bit as delicious as I expected.
    (There were a few others before this one but I was consistently beaten in the race by one of my children)

    LOL James, I’m not surprised. There’s not much that’s lovelier than the first bite of that first tomato…er, tomahto. Tomaarto! It’s great to “see” you — thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Your mention of your favorite wildflowers made me remember my parents 50th anniversary years ago. We had the party in our backyard. All the tables had white tablecloths with a stripe of blue fabric down the middle. My daughter and I went along the road and picked chicory, queen anne’s lace and goldenrod and filled blue canning jars to put on all the tables. It was so pretty and simple. Hope your tomato plants produce lots for you.

    It sounds simply beautiful. :)

  3. Nancy,
    Have you noticed my list of favorite blogs has one called Sunrise Tea? That is your blog…it was the only way I could list it. My blog wouldn’t accept your blog name for some reason. So you are Sunrise Tea to me.

    Well, Sunrise Tea sounds love-er-ly . . . to me! :-) How clever of you to get it to accept it that way.

  4. Once I see the fireweed and goldenrod I know the purple asters aren’t far behind. It is the turn of summer.

    Wishing you a lovely August!

    And the same to you. :-) Our temperature with the humidex rose to 101°F today! Extremely unusual for Nova Scotia, though not unheard of. Waaay too hot and sticky for this gal. Thanks for your visit!

  5. Love this photo!

    I’d gladly take some of that rain off your hands! We need it sooooo badly. The annuals are way behind in growing and some of the fall plants are ahead, due to the dryness. They think it’s fall, I think. :-( Makes me wonder what August and September are going to be like.

    No ripe tomatoes here yet. One Cherokee Purple is starting to turn though!

  6. Temperate days and cool nights in August! It sounds like fiction here in TN but it has been extremely cool lately. Last week it was in the 70’s and misting. It felt like Seattle not TN. We’ve had quite a few tomatoes already, I made spaghetti yesterday with a batch. I have a goldenrod that is blooming away right now too.

  7. Many are dreaming of ripe tomatoes, Nancy. Wish I could grow them but away so much, I end up feeding wildlife garden snitchers. Good luck!

  8. Not a tomato in sight in my way too shady garden! But your buttery yellow blooms look beautiful to me, too! Did you say that the goldenrods are blooming? August is a odd month in the middle south! it’s still summer but the tease of autumn is not far off! gail

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