Seen on Sunday

cloudIt’s a warm and sticky Sunday afternoon here in eastern Canada — only 20°C but with 94% humidity.  The weatherman and these menacing looking clouds keep threatening a thundershower, but it never seems to materialize.  Not that we need the rain!  But the thundershowers often dispel some of the humidity and clear the air.

tomatoblossomEverything on the balcony seems to be thriving in the sporadic sunlight, and I noted that two of my tomato plants are setting out blooms!  Hairy things, aren’t they?  This is one of the Yellow Pear plants and I’m hoping to see lots of blooms from them.

whiteimpatiensThe flower containers are all doing well, too, despite the cool, wet start they got.  I’ve never been a huge fan of all white flowers, but this year used some Extreme White Impatiens in some plantings and I must say they’re very striking against their dark green foliage.

pinkcelosiaAnother flower that I’ll certainly use again is the celosia.  They’ve excelled in all their wonderful colours — this lovely salmony pink, and (below) lemony yellow.  I’ve also got some in fuschia, a deep rusty orange, a cream, and a burgundy shade.  Our local hospital planted a huge bed with nothing but burgundy and an ocher-gold celosia — it really makes a stunning display.  I’ll try to get a photo next time we drive by.

yellowcelosiaWe should have Swiss chard ready to eat with supper tonight — I’ll take a pic.  The “Rainbow Brights” are quite pretty.



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

7 thoughts on “Seen on Sunday”

  1. Nancy … I love the cloud shot .. we have had that happen here too a lot !
    I am surprised about the humidity there .. you normally don’t get that in NS .. weather is constantly changing isn’t it ?
    I love the Impatient plant .. I used to get this beautiful pinky/orangey colour with the dark foliage and it was striking too .. but white in a dark corner is the BEST !
    Wonderful pictures girl ;-)

  2. I like your celosia colours, Nancy, though I usually go for the stronger colours myself. Isn’t it nice to have a second sunny day in a row! Things are growing here like crazy too…

    Thank you for your supportive, warm note, by the way. I’m trying to catch up on blog reading this morning but I will reply properly. It’s for the best that I left that situation, though.

  3. Nancy, Those clouds are wonderful…I love the blue peaking out. Love the hairy tomato stems~~and doesn’t that sound too weird! I hope you’re doing well my dear! gail

  4. Looks like our weather here last Sunday, Nancy! A remarkable array of clouds driving home from lake … in and out of heavy rain and strong sunshine … an interesting summer, yes!

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