Colourful Coleus

coleusI’m so pleased that I included versatile coleus in some of my plantings this summer — I’d forgotten what a pretty foliage plant it is.  There are some wonderful new colours for coleus, including chocolate browns, rusts, golds and other fallish colours.  This little fellow is just setting out its bloom which I will probably pinch off to encourage a fuller plant. :)  Odd that such vibrantly coloured leaves have such pastel flowers.

  • Type
  • Propagation
    seeds, stem cuttings
  • Light
    shade or partial shade
  • Foliage Color
    red, green, pink, white, purple and yellow (and now browns, rusts, etc.)
  • Bloom Time
    late summer. blooms should be pinched off.
  • Height
    18-36 inches
  • Width
    9-12 inches
  • Soil Requirements
    neutral or alkaline pH, moist soil
  • Zones
  • Uses
    Border, Container, Indoors, Greenhouse, foliage can be used in cut arrangements.

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “Colourful Coleus”

  1. Coleus is very cool. I just took about 12 more cuttings to spread around the yard this morning! Very easy to root too.

    It is a very versatile plant — I was very surprised by the wide range of colours that are available now, too! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Dave. :)

  2. Snap again Nancy, I think this is at least the second time we have posted about the same thing. I’m hoping my coleus will do well even though they started out a bit late this year.

    Great minds, Crafty. :) I visited your coleus earlier — they’re looking great!

  3. This year I planted even more coleus than last year in my containers. The plant breeders have come up with so many new varieties that are just gorgeous! I couldn’t make up my mind when choosing one, so I bought several instead:) I have one similar to yours paired with hot pink impatiens.

    Mine, as you might be able to see, is paired with a hot coral pink calibrachoa and a lighter pink impatiens. :) I really do love the new colours and if I had a bit more space, would have planted some of the more autumny colours just for the fall foliage.

  4. I planted 2 coleus this year. Usually I purchase more than 2 plants at a time, but these were on sale at K-Mart, getting brown and looking almost dead! Now they both are focal points in my back garden. One looks like yours, and the other is kind of lime/yellow. Don’t know botanical names…but they are (almost) as pretty as yours;-)

    They sound lovely, Jan — I would certainly use more of them if I had a proper garden. There’s only so much you can do with them in containers. :)

  5. Hi, do you know what type of coleus this is? I have been trying to figure it out. I have the same exact plant. I did a search via google, and you are the first person I’ve found who has the same plant. Thank you.

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