Catmint Love

catmint_love1First, just a little sniff…

catmint_love2Then a little taste…nom, nom, nom

catmint_love3Pure catmint love. :)

In the hideous (but very welcome!) sunlight of almost-noon, I snapped these photos this morning and couldn’t resist posting these of my big boy, Toby.  He loves the catmint…I’m sure it will never get to its full height, but at least he keeps it thinned out.

tomatoesI have a tomato jungle!  I’m hoping my daughter and my Dad will adopt a few of these this weekend as I really don’t have room for them all.  They’ve done exceptionally well considering I started the seeds very late.  I hope we can keep them pest-free and have enough sun for a delicious crop in a few weeks.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “Catmint Love”

  1. There is nothing much like the vacant stare, the absolute absence of anything in a cat’s eyes after they have indulged….

    True bliss, a real lack of stress, they do know how to live don’t they?


    Ah yes, it’s a cat’s life, Jen. :)

  2. Sweet Kitty! Catmint smells so nice, even if it doesn’t get a chance to bloom. Congrats on the tomato plants. I hope you get a ton of tomatoes to eat and share!

    Keeping fingers crossed! :) So far, so good.

  3. Nancy, what is the difference between catnip plants and catmint plants?? I’ve always had catnip.

    Nan, according to what I cut and pasted from a Q&A site: Catnip and Catmint are not the same (although the two are often lumped together) but you’re right, Catmint (Nepeta mussinii) is related to Catnip (Nepeta cataria). Botanically, both are in the genus Nepeta.

    However, I do think they’re used interchangeably by most people. The catmint seed package I have states that the catmint will(should) grow as high as 3′ and is shown with a pretty blue bloom. The cat acts exactly the same as he does with dried, commercial catnip. :)

  4. Ahhh…pure heaven for kitty. Your tomato plants are so healthy looking and you grew them from seed…

    Hi Balisha — the tomatoes have really taken off since I set them out in their large, individual pots, despite the lousy weather we’ve had. However, today was the first of at least 3 sunny days, so I hope that will help. :)

  5. I love Catmint (Nepata). It’s the only “mint” I grow! :-) We inherited The Case of the Overgrown Mint when we moved here. It was all over and it was terrible! It’s taken 6 years, but I think I finally have the upper hand! ha. (?) ;-)

    My daughter had spearmint in her tiny vegetable patch a few years ago and it eventually overtook everything else in the garden. It smelled heavenly and I always intended to make a jelly from it, but they since moved into their own home and the mint has undoubtedly been plowed under. :)

  6. Nancy, The tomatoes look fantastically healthy and ready to go to a new home with your dad or daughter… Tell Toby, that I must have the only cat who doesn’t care for catnip! But he does love to chomp on grasses that I plant for him and any cut flowers I bring into the house! gail

  7. Thanks, Nancy. It seems to me that many gardeners have catmint rather than catnip, though as I wrote, I’ve only ever grown the latter.

  8. Nancy girl … I love seeing pictures of your very handsome boy Toby : )
    My girls don’t seem to like the fresh cat nip for some reason .. but give them some of the dried stuff and well .. they behave like Toby .. a lot of rubbing around every bit of it … then a lot of running around like mad little hatters ! LOL
    Great pictures of Toby and WOW ! on those tomatoes girl !!

  9. Oh, how cute! We love to watch the neighbor cats when they find our Nepata. Some are more interested than others, but it is always worth a few minutes of watching from the window. Wish I could relieve you of a tomato plant or two.

  10. “Just Say No,” Toby. LOL! Cats are such fun to watch as they get into the catnip. Toby is really enjoying himself!

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