A Taste of Things to Come

And barely a taste it will be, but I can hardly wait to savour the little bouquet of Swiss chard I thinned from its planter.  I think I’ll just steam it for a moment, it’s so tender. There’s about twice as much as is shown in this bunch.

A taste of things to come...

We, here on the east coast, have been bemoaning the wretched, wet weather we’ve been having for weeks now.  I’ve never seen a summer like it!  However — and I hesitate to mention it lest I should jinx things — we’re supposed to have SEVERAL DAYS of beautiful sun and clearer air this week!  Our plants won’t know what to do!  Hopefully, they dry out a bit.  The one thing that has thrived in all this moisture are the tomato plants, and for some reason, they’ve really taken off.  So, we’ll wait and see what the sun brings. :)

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “A Taste of Things to Come”

  1. Your Swiss chard looks so good it could win a blue ribbon! Glad to hear you’ve finally had some sun. We had over a week of it, and I was thrilled when it finally rained this past weekend. But I did hear on the radio that this was one of the wettest Junes on record for our area.

  2. It’s been a strange batch of weather for many, Nancy. Do hope the sun finds you … The 4th weekend was stunning … today … what can I say, we’ve lit a fire in the fireplace and except for a few fishermen, have not seen a pleasure boat!

  3. Yummy! I love baby chard in my salads! Yours are so green and healthy looking- happy gardening to you and I hope your weather does clear up :)

  4. Our Seattle june tied a record dry streak, feels more like the first week of Aug because of it. We may actually get tomatoes in bulk this year.

    Your photo really shows off the yumminess of the greens…nice.

  5. Yum! The photo is nearly good enough to eat! ;-) Yes, I hope the sun shines on you before long. You never appreciate something as you should, until you don’t have it. Besides, you’ll be needing your tomatoes to turn Red! Have a good day.

  6. Oh, oh – if you’re getting wet weather, you usually send it our way after a while :(

    Here’s hoping the weather picks up, so you get to harvest plenty of that tasty looking Chard :)

  7. We’ve had lettuce, spinach and sugar snap peas so far. The tomato plants do look surprisingly good. The question is will the tomatoes ever ripen – should we get beyond the flowering stage?

  8. I feel a bit guilty because I’m enjoying the unusual coolness here and it’s still a bit green from later rains, which were also very welcome. Water shortages and fire danger makes some of us feel differently about rain, but I sympathize with having plants that usually do well for you get all pale and wan.

    The swiss chard greens look great, though – at their finest small and tender like that – and I agree, the photo sets them off nicely. As usual.

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