Petals and Puddles

Or make that petals IN puddles.  What a stretch of warm, sticky, and RAINY weather we’re having here in the east!  And the extended forecast is for more of the same straight through this week.  Ugh.  I’ve had tiny herb seedlings rot at the soil level and die.  Enough already!

29chardIn spite of the damp and dreary days, most everything is growing well.  That’s Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’ in the container above, with a few co-ordinating celosia for good measure.  The chard is actually starting to form its crinkled little leaves — I’ve been thinning it out and using the seedlings in salads.  Yummy.

29lettuceThis small planter of red lettuce has also been lending itself to salads as I’ve thinned it out.

29tomatoesI’ve had a few tomato seedlings get big enough to set out in larger pots — Better Boys and Yellow Pear.  There are more that need to be transferred once I find homes for them. :)

29petuniaAll flower containers are doing very well, despite having little sun, and this lobster-coloured petunia and the peachy verbena are still among my favourite combinations. :)



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “Petals and Puddles”

  1. Your balcony must be alive with plants and beauty! I might have to copy your chard idea and then add them to a sald…yummy! The peachy verbena is lovely….I’m growing a salmon pink one that i love. gail

    The balcony is a little crowded at the moment, Gail, but it’s a good thing. :) I’m giving some tomato plants to my Dad, so that’ll get rid of a few of the pots, then I can place things around properly. The salmon verbena would be beautiful, too — I can’t believe I’ve never used it in planters before! Duh.

  2. Rain can be a bit depressing after awhile. Right now we are having a heavy downpour which interrupted my time in the garden. But on the good side, I won’t have to water the plants and pots tonight.

    That’s true, but two weeks straight of it is just a bit much. :) Oh well, we take what we’re given. No amount of complaining seems to do any good.

  3. We are wishing for rain now. Maybe that is why gardening is exciting. You never know what the conditions will be and when something beautiful happens, we are all ready to cheer.

    I’ll see if I can’t send some of our rain your way! :)

  4. I love that peach verbena; that’s one I haven’t been able to find in garden centers or nurseries here. Hope you dry out soon. The weather here has finally cooled off, but we could sure use some of that rain.

    You’d be welcome to as much of our dismal, wet weather as you like — we’re in for another week of it. :-? The verbena is “Lanai Peach” if that helps you in your search. :)

  5. This is life! You are wishing for rain and my garden had too much of it.
    Anyway your peach verbena and the lobster colored petunia are my favourites in your post. J love this combination, its really great.

    Have a good time! Wurzerl

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