Simile Smiles — A Little Game


So, on the second of two sticky, sleepless nights in a row, I’m lying in bed, trying to tame the jumble of words swirling round in my head.  (Could be the heat, could be the fatigue, or could just be my strange mind…)  Similes and other grammatical concoctions are fun games for me, akin to counting sheep for others.  Anyway………..

I started playing with similes and thought it would be interesting — for anyone who wants to play along — to “fill in the blanks” so to speak, with inspirations from your own gardens.  (Similes are figures of speech that express a resemblance or comparison between things of different kinds, usually formed by using  the words “like” or “as”.)  For example:  quick as a fox; smart as a whip; homely as a bouquet of elbows. :-)  You know the sort.

I’ll create a list that you can just cut and paste and leave in comments, if you like.  Let’s try to take our answers from the flowers and plants that we have in our own gardens…and don’t forget to use all those five senses!  Use as many or as few words as you want.  Have fun!

Straight as  _________________
Crooked as  _________________
Soft as  ____________________
Rough as  __________________
Sharp as  __________________
White as  __________________
Bright as  __________________
Pink as  ___________________
Blue as  ___________________
As round as ________________
As sweet as ________________
As green as ________________
As reliable as _______________
As stubborn as ______________
As breathtaking as ___________

Straight as  _________________

Crooked as  ________________

Soft as  ____________________

Delicate as  _________________

Sharp as  __________________

White as  __________________

Bright as  __________________

Pink as  ___________________

Blue as  ___________________

As round as ________________

As sweet as ________________

As green as ________________

As reliable as _______________

As frustrating as ____________

As breathtaking as ___________

For those who want to have some fun with this, I’ll leave my answers after you’ve had a chance to share the “similes” in your gardens. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Simile Smiles — A Little Game”

  1. Either no brave souls want to give this a go, or no one is seeing my posts since I changed feeds. I’ll start, shall I?

    Straight as a sunflower stalk…
    Crooked as a Harry Lauder walking stick…
    Soft as dandelion fluff…
    Delicate as spider silk…
    Sharp as rose thorns…
    White as a midday cloud…
    Bright as Tomato Soup coneflowers…
    Pink as Gail’s PPPP! …
    Blue as Jodi’s blue poppies…
    As round as ______________
    As sweet as a white hyacinth…
    As green as lettuce sprouts…
    As reliable as geraniums!
    As frustrating as ____________
    As breathtaking as the first open rose…

    Nothing came to mind immediately for ROUND and FRUSTRATING, but I’ll keep thinking on it!

  2. Okay, here’s mine
    Straight as (nothing is straight in my yard)
    Crooked as a water hose
    Soft as a baby wash cloth (I use one to wipe my face when I am in the yard)
    Delicate as new roots
    Sharp as briar thorns
    White as a moonflower
    Bright as an orange geum flower
    Pink as Sunrise or Sunset Coneflowers
    Blue as ___________________
    As round as a gazing ball
    As sweet as tea olive blooms
    As green as new ferns
    As reliable as stoke’s aster
    As frustrating as weeding
    As breathtaking as the morning light on the garden

    Hi Melody! Wow, what terrific choices you’ve made! I especially love the “morning light in the garden”. Great job!

  3. Straight as an arrowwood viburnum stem

    Crooked as the lilies reaching for the sun

    Soft as fluffy seed heads

    Delicate as the sweetest butterfly

    Sharp as the spider plants thorns

    White as Queens Anne’s Lace

    Bright as the brightest daylily

    Pink as zinnias

    Blue as the true blue dayflower

    As round as coneflowers cone

    As sweet as spring phlox

    As green as the sea of Susan leaves

    As reliable as PPPP

    As frustrating as invasives.

    As breathtaking as the rosy glow of a morning sunrise.

    This was fun Nancy…Have a great weekend and I hope you can sleep un-interrupted!


  4. Here’s mine….now you’ve started something…I’ll be doing this all night.

    Straight as a single tulip
    Crooked as a walking stick bug
    Soft as a new petal
    Delicate as a seedling
    Sharp as a bee sting
    White as a clover
    Bright as a sunflower
    Pink as a rose
    Blue as the sky
    As round as a toadstool
    As sweet as nectar for the bees
    As green as my thumb
    As reliable as fall mums
    As frustrating as a Japanese Beetle
    As breath taking as God’s world

    This was fun…maybe we should do “Saturday Similes” :)

  5. Not everything is in my garden…

    Straight as a ridgepole pine tree.
    Crooked as a crook-neck squash.
    Soft as a mullein leaf.
    Delicate as fern fronds.
    Sharp as a cotoneaster thorn.
    White as a dogwood tree in blossom.
    Bright as a sunflower.
    Pink as a coy carnation blossom.
    Blue as lobelia blossoms.
    As round as a cabbage.
    As sweet as peppermint tea.
    As green as the Pacific Northwest.
    As reliable as rain.
    As frustrating as blackberry brambles.
    As breathtaking as an old-growth forest.

  6. Good jobs, everyone! You’ve listed some things I’d have never thought of — which is the beauty of an exercise like this…we all see something uniquely different in our own particular areas. This was fun…perhaps we’ll do it again next week as Balisha suggested and make “Saturday Similes” a regular thing. Up for it?

  7. Yes, it would be neat to have ‘Saturday Similes’! Not sure I can always participate but I will try to when I can. Just like GBMD…I completely forgot about it this month. Oh well…there’s always next time!

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