Before The Rain

When it rains, it pours...If that’s not the gloomiest forecast you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.  I guess the old adage of when it rains, it pours, is true.  Into each life a little rain must fall?  Whatever.  Pity those who might be on vacation this week coming.

Seeing what lies ahead, I thought I’d post a few more pics of the Calibrachoa which are really beginning to take off.  The planters and containers are just starting to fill in a bit — it’ll be a couple of weeks yet before things are looking their best.  But at least I can show you a glimpse before the rain.  I am charmed by this little bloom and don’t know why I haven’t used it in previous years.



red_caliIf the wind settles later on, I’ll try to get some more pics of other planters.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Before The Rain”

  1. They are the nicest little babies are they not?

    We are finally supposed to get rain also, after 4 weeks of sun. BC will be in shock.


    Hi Jen — yes, I’m quite in love with the calibrachoa and will certainly use them again! I hope you get the rain — my daughter is working in AB for the summer and I know how much it’s needed.

  2. Our forecast here in Western Washington looks very similiar…in fact I’m watching it rain as we speak. The first day of summer is is supposed to pour all day, bleck!

    Your flowers are gorgeous! Kim

    Thanks, Kim! I do hope you get a little bit of sun to usher in Summer. We need rain here, but I’m not sure we need an entire week of it! :)

  3. If I could send you some of our sun and heat, I would! We’re grateful for the rain in the SE, but up your way, it sounds like it’s definitely been soggy and cool.

    Your Calibrochoa flowers are lovely.


    Hello Lisa! Well, you can keep the heat, but I’ll take all the sun you care to send. :) We’ve actually had some lovely, summery days — perfect days for my tastes with lots of sun, temps in the 70’s, and playful breezes. This week’s rain is needed, however, so I guess we shouldn’t complain.

  4. I think I am the only one who seems to be relishing the cool wet weather – but then many of my ‘children’ seem to prefer cool, damp weather – a shady bunch I must admit!

    Hi Teza! I’ll definitely take cool-and-wet over hot-and-humid any day! And I completely believe your children are a shady bunch. :-) They’d be very happy here with me this week.

  5. Calibrachoa have become favorites of mine in containers, too. Yours already look full and beautiful! We’re in the midst of heavy downpours here, too–I wanted a LITTLE rain to water the garden:)

    Yes, yes! A LITTLE rain would be just fine. I actually like a rainy day, but hate this dark, drizzly stuff. If it’s going to rain, let it RAIN. (Being careful what I wish for, of course!)

  6. I hear ya! We just got hammered today with rain that was unbelievable! I was out running errors when it hit. Yesterday I finally got the chance to plant some peppers and my basil- and they got pounded today!

    I suppose I’m lucky that all my gardening is in containers and I’m pretty much able to move them around out of harm’s way — I hope your peppers and basil survive!

  7. You have chosen the loveliest colors, Nancy. I’m having to water these days. I have a white Calibrachoa this season. I grow them every year since first discovered a few years ago.

    Thank you, Donna! I’m anxious for them to fill in a bit and really take hold so I can take some photos of the whole containers. Some of the combinations will be pretty, I think. White Callies would be very pretty — I can’t get over what prolific bloomers they are!

  8. The grass is always greener…and mine would green up again if I could get some of this rain! But Nancy, I know how you feel…when we had three weeks of rain…it was hard not to get down~ In the mean time the flowering plants on your balcony are gorgeous. gail

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