ID This Tree For Me?

mysterytreeWhen I first saw this tree from a distance, I thought it was a chestnut.  It’s easy to see that it isn’t, but I haven’t a clue.  I’m sure it must be something quite common as it’s growing unceremoniously in the middle of birches, poplars, and a few other hardwoods and pines.  I’ve enlarged a section of the photo below — the “blooms” are like long, creamy white catkins.  Any ideas?  The photos aren’t great because it’s been raining most of the day and I snapped these from the balcony.  It would be about 30-40′ tall, if that helps.  If no one knows what it is, I’ll get a detailed photo of the leaves this weekend.


It’s possible this could be a Sweet Chestnut?  From photos I can find online, this is closest.  I will definitely get macro shots of both the blooms and leaves this weekend. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

4 thoughts on “ID This Tree For Me?”

  1. I am not a tree expert, but have seen this tree before. Could it be a Serviceberry?


    That’s a good stab, Frances, but the serviceberry has more of a “flower” type bloom — something like a blackberry/bramble bloom. This is definitely more like a catkin in shape. I think I’ll have to pull my rain jacket on and go get some closer pics because it’s driving me nuts trying to find anything like it online. :-) Thanks for your input!

  2. I’m no expert on trees, but it’s a gorgeous specimen. Hopefully someone will be able to id it for you, so I’ll be back to see if they do. :)

  3. I’d guess chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), except that it normally doesn’t quite reach the size you observed.

    -Nan Ondra

    Oh Nan, that sure looks like it from a distance! I’ll get photos of leaves and blooms today, but I’d say you’re right on track here. Thanks…chokecherry is common in NS, I believe, but I guess I’d just never seen one in bloom before. Your link (which is wonderful) states they can get to 25ft at maturity — it’s a bit taller than that, but not by a lot. Thanks again for weighing in.

  4. Hi,
    I was thinking Honey Locust at first then decided a Chokecherry too. They are pretty when blooming.

    I’m positive you’re right on the chokecherry. I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t recognize it right off — perhaps because of its size or the fact that it’s in with so many other trees. I was interested to read that the berries are toxic and sometimes lethal to small children and animals!

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