From Where I Stand

pink_rhodThe rhododendrons on the front lawn will soon be at their peak.  This is a beauty, exact colour name unknown, but it’s a deep, fucshia (almost red) colour.  Given that the poor plant is nicked regularlarly with the weed-whacker, relieved of its leaves by rambunctious kids, and has probably never been fertilized, it’s a wonder that it continues to bloom so magnificently every year.

lavender_rhodAbout 15′ away, this lavender beauty is also putting on a fine show.  She gets saved from the weed-whacker, and I do deposit my old container soil around her base each spring, so she fares a bit better as far as treatment and size go.  This is one of my favourite colours for rhodies.

impatiens_elfinblushI know a lot of you don’t care for impatiens — I do, because it performs so well in the shady parts of the balcony here.  And I particularly love this new Super Elfin Blush and can’t wait to see some of the containers as they continue to fill in.  It’s such a delicate, candy pink.  A happy colour!  And that’s the view from where I stand today.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “From Where I Stand”

  1. What a nice view you have, Nancy! The flowers on the red plant look so huge!

    The view isn’t bad for an apartment building property. :) But that may all be about to change; we may be losing a great section of lawn and landscaping for a parking lot. The original lot was built on Town property, and now the Town has plans for it. I hope this doesn’t come to pass, but that’s the scoop. :(

  2. One good thing about your weather being ‘behind’ ours is I get to the pleasure of re-living the rhodies, azaleas, etc. that are long gone down here;-) And I happen to LOVE impatiens, because they do well here, even with the heat–as long as they don’t get direct sun for very long, and have regular water. I usually have a bunch in the ground by now, but I only planted the few that grew from seed. I’m waiting to see what they’ll do before I buy any larger ones this year. Yours are a delicate shade of pink, and quite pretty!

    I have some containers planted with a mix of pink and white — I’m usually a “brights” girl…I’m not sure what happened this year. :) I was telling Gail that I saw another new colour online today…a creamy white with a burgundy/wine center. It was lovely. I’ve never tried growing them from seed, but I must. :)

  3. I love rhodies, and have to enjoy them vicariously as they do poorly here. I used to be an impatiens snob, but they won me over by their sheer niceness and variety and persistence.

    Persistent! That’s the perfect word for them. :) I do love rhododendrons, too.

  4. The view is lovely, Nancy! Speaking of lovely…when did Nolan become such a big boy! He hardly a toddler anymore! gail

    He really is growing — he’ll be 3 in August. I can’t believe it myself. He’s a sweetie. :)

  5. Always a joy to see life from your point of view, Nancy. No need to apologize for impatiens … they shine in many shady gardens, their simple faces beautiful as you have shown. We use showy drifts in some of our village gardens and I brought a flat up here to the lake to incorporate color with my woodland plants. Weekend hugs.

    I’ve always loved impatiens — they’re so hardy here and the variety of colours is outstanding. I found another new (to me) colour online today — forget the name, but it was a creamy white with a burgundy center. Beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Nancy .. the view of where we live can make such an impact on our lives. You have such a pretty one there, I hope the town uses it’s collective brain cells ? and leaves it alone .. even small towns need green spaces !
    I know where we live in Kingston .. a little higher up than most .. it gives me the chance of my wonderful sunrises .. if that was taken away .. well it would be just terrible … so I am hoping yours stays put girl !

  7. I am a big fan of impatiens. They perform so well in shade and partial shade. An old reliable friend in the garden and such a pretty color. Who wouldn’t love it?

  8. I love watching Spring arrive you your gardens, too! You have shared beautiful photos. I really like impatiens for those shady areas, too. Lots of Zing for their size. :-)

  9. I love the rhododendrons, too, Nancy. We have so many varieties here in the Pacific Northwest. I especially appreciate the varieties that bloom early, since the first color in spring is so welcome. Lovely photos.

  10. I sure hope they don’t pave. Weren’t you talking about moving a while ago, Nancy? I love impatiens, and know them by another name, ‘patient Lucy.’ And I think we get fooled by the delicate beauty of the rhododendrons. My sense is they are very tough. I recently heard that Ireland is having a problem with them taking over.

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