Pink Rain & Apple Blossom Festivals


“And rosy and white on the wanton breeze,
The petals fall from the apple trees.”
– Francis William Bourdillon

This weekend marks the 77th Apple Blossom Festival here in the Annapolis Valley, a springtime celebration of our Valley traditions and agricultural heritage.  When I was a little girl, this festival was always a treat we looked forward to.  About an hour and a half drive from where I grew up, in a car that frequently misbehaved, the trip to Kentville was a highly anticipated, all-day affair.

I was mesmerized by the beautiful floats that were assembled in those days, most of them adorned with real flowers and miles of crepe paper and streamers.  Of course, the lovely Princesses always accompanied the float from their respective towns.  That was back in the day before the parade and the Festival became more commercialized.  Back then, a cooler full of egg salad sandwiches and cold drinks and a container of homemade cookies seemed like a feast as we sat on a wooly blanket, waiting for the parade to begin.  There were marching bands, baton-twirlers, and bagpipers that moved with military precision.  There were clowns on bicycles and always a celebrity or two!  I remember one year that Soupy Sales sat in the celebrity vehicle, and he looked right at me and waved.  I was awestruck! :-)

I know my Dad has trays full of 35mm slides of these events.  We plan a trip to their house this Sunday, and I must see if I can borrow them as I’d love to share those older agricultural festivities with you.

Apple Blossom Festival from Great Circle Pictures on Vimeo


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Pink Rain & Apple Blossom Festivals”

  1. What a sight! The tree must have seen pink rain over the years. The true test of maturity and resilience is symbolised by the wrinkled bark……

  2. That festival sounds like a lot of fun and what a great reminiscence! And the photograph of the apple tree in bloom is gorgeous.

    Hey, I FINALLY posted the gardeners’ hands photos. You’re there! Come see!

  3. Nancy girl ! You saw Soupy Sales and he looked right at you : ) my goodness , how did they get him down there to ride on a float ? LOL
    While we lived in Holland .. the Springs were totally awesome and I mean awesome .. the streets would be covered in pink petals as if a huge wedding had happened in the village and this confetti was thrown over the entire area .. I will never forget that .. like your memories of the festival .. we are so lucky to have such good memories : )
    P.S. love the look of your blog changes .. it takes me a while to catch up ? haha

  4. What fun, Nancy! I love bagpipes, so I especially love the idea of bagpipers serenading the apple trees!

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