True to Form

tomato_leafMy Yellow Pear Tomato seedlings are putting out their first true leaves…it does a Mama proud.  Hee!  Just thought I’d share, absent-minded dodo that I am.  Charlie and I spent most of the day in the Valley, surrounded by acres upon acres of apple blossoms and guess who didn’t take their camera?  Honestly.  Can one person really be that stupid?  We also visited Blomidon Nurseries and I could have taken a hundred photos there alone.  So many wonderful ideas for water features…and an entire load of rhododendrons about to be marked down.  We bought my Mom a beautiful hanging basket of pink petunias (yes, Anna!), cotton candy pink verbena, and a pretty little yellow flower that I’m sure all of you know, but I don’t.  Perhaps there’s a tag.  I’ll take a photo tomorrow in daylight.

Anyway, the tomato seedlings are doing well, except that I planted them a tad late. :)  Ah well, a late crop.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “True to Form”

  1. Good for you, Nancy! I love ‘Yellow Pear’ tomatoes and couldn’t resist planting one in my greenhouse bed this year so it will keep producing into the winter! Sounds like you and Charlie had a wonderful day yesterday.

    I’ve never grown Yellow Pear tomatoes, OFB, so am looking forward to the treat…assuming they do well. :) We did have a nice outing, then yesterday, I bought some more plants for containers and ran around the parking lot in the rain. :) I felt like Mary Tyler Moore when she tosses her hat… ;-)

  2. I bet they still do well for you Nancy and better late than never! Don’t feel bad about forgetting your camera either. I think we’ve all done that and it’s always at a time when there’s a perfect photo opportunity to be had. arrgg…

    Indeed. :) Ah well, it was still a nice outing.

  3. Some of mine were started later than the others, and are quite small, too. Once in the ground, they started growing at a faster rate than they had been.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Sue! Now that nicer weather seems to be here to stay, hopefully they’ll take off in their own pots. :)

  4. I often forget my camera;-( It is always too far into the trip to turn around and get it. All of the apple blossoms must have been lovely. I love your little pots, just adorable;-) I just planted tomato plants myself so I;ll have a little bit of a late crop too…oh well, better late than never, right? At least that’s what I keep telling myself!

  5. Great seedling photo; I see I’m not alone in loving those pear tomatoes. For one thing, they look so cool, and then there’s the taste, bursting in your mouth. Late is OK; when it’s hot and hard to take, you’ll have your reward.

    While I sympathize about the cameraless apple orchard and nursery expeditions, I do find with myself that sometimes it’s really good just to look innocently again, instead of looking for a picture.

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