I’m borrowing an acronym from Gail at Clay and Limestone — she has PPPP (Practically Perfect Pink Phlox) and through my bedroom window, I’m looking at PPPPP!  A Profusion of Practically Perfect Pink Petals!  The crabapple tree has a flush of gorgeous, raspberry-pink blooms with lots of buds yet to open.


Given that the poor tree has never been fertilized, pruned, or otherwise tended to, it’s always a wonderful surprise when it explodes with colour each spring.  As the buds all fully open, I’ll take a photo of some of the prettiest blossoms, but for now, I just thought I’d share the view. :)



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “P P P P P”

  1. They are Practically Perfect Pink Petals and what a Profusion they are! Nancy, You do have the best views from your home! Is this the tree that you often find the sweet birds nesting? Thanks for the shoutout! gail

    Thanks, Gail — as apartment properties go, this was has been fairly nicely landscaped over the years — it’s just a shame they have no one to care for it properly now. Budget cutbacks and all that, you know. Yes, that’s the tree that holds at least one robin’s nest each year. :)

  2. Everyone is changing their blogs, this looks wonderful. How did I miss it? Maybe because I am always reading everyone on the run, in Google Reader.

    I’ve changed my template a couple of times lately, Jen. Sorry for the confusion — I’ve been trying to figure out why readership has dropped but I give up. :)

    I love Crab Apple trees, such a rich pink color to the blossoms.

    They really are beautiful — some have a beautiful, almost mauve colour. Just stunning.


  3. I love your PPPPP’s, Nancy! I remember growing up, we had a crabapple tree in our front yard. Your photo reminds me of it! I should have titled my last post PPPP! I actually entitled it Pretty Purple Peony Has Popped! (PPPHP!). Or, better yet, it could have been entitled: Pretty Purple Peony Pops! — for a more up-do-date description using an active-verb. Well anyway, can’t wait to see your crapapple blossoms in full bloom;0

  4. Oh gosh–I meant to write ‘craBapple’!! What a picture I painted with that mistake;-(

    LOL, that’s just cute, Jan. :) I should have taken a photo at daybreak today — it was gorgeous! I was awake at that uncomely hour with my daughter’s kitty deciding that my head looked like a good place to curl up and sleep! :-x I’ll see if tomorrow is just as beautiful. :)

  5. Pink is my color. I am so jealous of that crabapple. But wait till you see my Miss Canada lilac – and the roses. Late June for the roses. Maybe I can get some pink phlox before then.

  6. They’re amazing, Nancy! I was as far as Berwick today and was dazzled at how much things have exploded into bloom the past couple of days. Just gorgeous. My crabapple isn’t blooming yet, but things have galloped up out of the ground. Including the weeds, but we won’t talk about those….

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