Need a Volunteer?

12sunflowerIt’s been a cool day here in Nova Scotia and there’s not much growing on the balcony just yet, except for this volunteer sunflower. :)  It’s sprouting a second set of leaves, despite the coolish, dull day.  The surrounding trees, especially the poplars and birches, are awash with that beautiful, spring green.  The grass is ready to be mowed and is already dotted with dandelions.  I do love spring!

12kal2Inside, the Kalanchoe has decided to bloom again, meagre though the blooms may be.  I’m not sure how it managed as the plant doesn’t look all that healthy.  I moved it into a much brighter spot — perhaps the extra light will do the trick.

12orchidMy one and only moth orchid is still in bloom!  Several of you told me I’d be surprised at how long the blooms last, and you weren’t kidding.  It’s been almost two months now.  I have a bad case of Orchid Greed now, and would love to have some more!

12rosesI shortened the stems on my beautiful roses and put them in a different vase, trying to make those velvety blooms last as long as possible.

I’m getting impatient to plant some balcony containers, but cool days like this remind me that there’s no rush.  My daughter, working in Alberta for the summer, just sent me a text message saying it was snowing where she is!  So, I guess I won’t complain!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “Need a Volunteer?”

  1. I had no idea Alberta was like that – but perhaps like a lot of us, it’s unseasonal there too.

    Indoor plants are a godsend to me too before the spring really gets going. I love your roses!!

    Hi Emily — thanks for your visit and for taking the time to comment. Alberta has actually had some warmer-than-usual weather already this year, but my daughter is “in the wilds” in a fairly remote area, away from the cities. Perhaps that has something to do with it. :) I don’t imagine it was more than a few flurries. But, we’ve had snow in May before, so anything can happen, I guess. Looks like the next couple of days will be beautiful here in NS.

  2. We don’t seem to be warming up that quickly this spring either. I haven’t planted anything in the ground but a couple of perennials I bought. Most of my stuff is still under the porch at night.

    I never thought I would say this, but I am beginning to think about orchids.

  3. Hi Nancy- Your rose arrangement is so luscious. Very pretty blooms. I like roses I just can’t seem to grow them very well. All of today’s blooms are pretty!

  4. I have volunteer sunflowers coming up and I also planted quite a few. I want lots of seed heads for my winter bird wreath!

    What a great way to prolong the life of roses that are getting a bit limp!

  5. It looks like Spring is finally getting there, Nancy! This Winter just seemed to last a long time to me – I can’t imagine how you feel about yours, in some ways, although it does make someone appreciate it even more. This I know!

    Man, I wish I could grow Orchids……..They are actually easy and everything but I manage to screw them up, lol. Yours are stunningly pretty and I bet they smell fantastic.

  6. What a lovely orchid! Any plant that produces a long-lasting flower is fine by me.

    And I do hope that spring weather has found you by now!

    I had the unusual experience of feeling chilly on the porch this morning (in mid-May), since hot weather is lurking around the corner for us!


  7. Yikes on the snow….orchids are amazing with that bloom! I do that, too, Nancy, to try to get as much time from cut flowers…Have a good day. gail

  8. I would LOVE a volunteer! Any kind of volunteer that can survive snow until June, that is. :) These are beautiful flowers.

  9. I know what you mean about getting “orchid greed” Nancy! I have it too but I’m trying to pace myself and make sure I can keep my two healthy and alive before I invest anymore! Yours is still beautiful.

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