Nature’s First Green

Spring reflection...Nothing Gold Can StayEvery year, I’m struck by this short poem, one of the first I ever memorized and still one of my favourites.  Everywhere you look, the landscape has taken on a fleeting chartreuse blush of leaf — truly, a green-gold that won’t be seen again until autumn, when the green will turn to gold again.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “Nature’s First Green”

  1. Sigh. This is such a lovely poem, but such a discouraging commentary on the fleeting nature of youth. I can’t help but think that Frost would feel right at home in today’s youth-obsessed culture, since he apparently doesn’t feel that maturity holds any virtues (“subsides to leaf,” “So Eden sank to grief,” etc.). I think every season holds its beauties, and fall is my favorite by far. I’ll admit I also love to see the chartreuse of “Nature’s first green is gold.” But, as you point out, Nature’s last green is gold as well, and red and orange and scarlet and purple!

    Or perhaps we can just look on the poem as a wonderful commentary on the endless circle of life. :-) I’ve always thought the poem spoke to a loss of innocence.

  2. Such a fitting poem for the season Nancy. I love that photo too, it has a nice watercolor effect. :)

    Thanks, Racquel. :)

  3. A lovely poem and a painful truth. I have been watching the spring gold shift and change. I pay much more attention to foliage in May than I used to. Thanks for the poem. It is not one I have known.

  4. That’s my first time reading that poem by Robert Frost, and I do love it, too. It is bittersweet, but spring does come each year! (I’m so glad about that.)

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