Spring Rain


A Spring Rain by Raymond A. Foss

“The world is wet today
luxurious, damp, drenched
drops hug the leaves,
anoint the still budded lilac blossoms
before their blooming
rich purple and plum
made richer by their watery skin
New leaves under the weight
droplets heavy, hanging
bowing the white pine needles
undersides exposed to drink
drink in the morning
hushed in the rain…”


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “Spring Rain”

  1. Pretty shot! That poem could have been written here today. Every part of it fits. We are going to have rain off and on all week. This morning, during a lull in the rain, I ran out to my garden to plant something I bought on Saturday, Pink Fountain Gaura, which is supposed to be good for attracting butterflies. Anyway, I ended staying out four hours. I moved tons of plants, relocating the herb section to another place, and making room for some things I have started and ordered. Boy, did I come in muddy! But, I had a great time. Spring is offically here for me.

  2. Did you happen to pay a visit to my home today Nancy and get inspired for today’s post? This poem completely describes the weather and day we are having- right down to the lilacs in bud! :)

  3. We’ve had rainy weather, but not that much rain. I had to water some things today because it got up to 81.

    Lovely photo!

  4. Your photo evokes rainy-spring-day atmosphere perfectly, and my hat is off to Raymond Foss, whom I’ve never heard of – as others have commented, he also gives a picture that perfectly evokes rain-drenched lilacs.

  5. Nancy,
    What a lovely poem. The spring rain has been delightful, and makes the plants look as though they were given a dose of steroids. Every spring I marvel at how one day there are no leaves on the trees. The next day, it seems that the hillsides are saturated in green leaves. Happy spring!!

  6. Nancy,
    My little part of the world is very wet. Thanks for helping me see it in a different light.

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