Of Summer Things

Iced tea...

What is it of Summer that lives in iced tea?

Could it be clink of ice cubes, plopped in carefully?

The colour?  The fragrance?  That delicate brown,

Or the tangy sweet taste as we drink the glass down?

Condensation that pools and then falls in cold drips

Every time that you bring your full glass to your lips.

Whate’er the connection to sand, sea or sun–

The ritual of iced tea’s a wonderful one.

– 2009 Nancy J. Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

16 thoughts on “Of Summer Things”

  1. Oh, that is wonderful… my grandmother made the best (sweet and not too strong), and it was poured over the best ice in the world, that which she chipped up with an ice pick from a large block in her ice box. Deeeeelicious!

  2. Nancy girl ! It felt very much like summer two days ago .. it was actually TOO HOT !!
    What has happened to Spring these years .. it is like we get a hiccup into summer for a few days and suffer from such a dramatic change .. then it changes gear back to Spring for a few days .. is this menopausal or what ? LOL
    Love the ice tea .. reminds me I have to get a container to make my own from peppermint tea !
    That was a lovely little poem girl : )

    It was 31° and unbearably hot here yesterday — I love the warmer, sunny weather, but that’s even too hot for me. Broke all records for the date by more than 10°. Today? Well, it was windy as heck last night and the temp plummeted to 3°! Go figure. Sunny, but much cooler today. Just the way I like it. :-)

  3. I love reading how everyone likes their iced tea! I’ve been making mine with green tea this spring (part of my get-healthier regime) and like it very much. And to avoid extra calories, I’ve been flavouring mine by the pitcher with the individual packets of Crystal Lite green tea. :) Works well for me. I love peach, mint, or anything like that in it as well. You’ve all had some great ideas!

  4. Dear Nancy, You are welcome to join me on the porch..although right now it’s covered in pollen…and we’ll have tea (your recipe, unless you don’t mind iced Tazo Passion Tea) and I’ll provide the snacks! gail

    Sounds wonderful to me…pollen and all! :)

  5. Nancy,
    Last Summer a group of friends and I traveled to Mississippi to help some homeowners still needing assistance after Katrina. We had Sweettea (one word, I guess) and I was really hooked. It can get too sweet, if you’re not careful, even for someone like me who has a definite “sweet tooth!” ;-)

  6. I know this is probably some dreadful British thing but I was given iced tea for the first time the other day and thought tasted absolutely filthy. It was made for me by an American so its pedigree was impeccable. Maybe it is just the idea of chilling something that we have always drunk hot and in quantity that seems slightly unnatural.

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