Life On Speed Dial

Stop to smell these beauties...

“And all the loveliest things there be

come simply, so it seems to me.”  – Edna St. Vincent Millay

*   *   *

William Wordsworth, in his poem, “I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud”, recalls a setting of thousands of daffodils that he had come across during a walk along his beloved bay, and he suddenly realizes–only as he recollects this scene at a later time–just what beauty he had passed that day.  “I gazed–and gazed–but little thought, what wealth the show to me had brought…”

How often do you gaze, with little thought given to the richness of the view?  How many bird songs, rivers’ laughter, sighing winds, scarlet horizons, printed words, starry skies, blooming meadows do you not see…hear…feel because your life is set to Speed Dial?

We insist on faster computers, quicker internet connections, speedier checkouts, ways of doing things that are time-saving and more instantly gratifying……

I’ve had a draft of this post written to this point for three days and can’t seem to conclude the way I want to.  I believe I had things I wanted to say that are better left alone. :)  So, I’ll bring this diatribe to a merciful conclusion by just reminding you to stop and smell the roses.  I never used to — I’ve always been one of those how-much-can-I-cram-into-this-day sort of gals, but no more.  I had an ah-hah moment — nothing earth-shattering or interesting to speak about — just a quiet realization that my focus was waaaay off, on things that really didn’t matter.  How much more important to look up into a star-speckled sky and let that true sense of awe wrap itself around you?  Well, you get my drift.

Before I end this, two small celebrations to share with you:  Charlie and I are officially THREE months smoke-free (Jan 24); and I recently rolled over 30,000 visitors (since Sept 08).  I was going to offer up a small contest for the visitor who was closest to 30,000 but WordPerfect are “playing” with their stats widget and my total went from 30K to 15K in a day, so the count wouldn’t have been reliable.  I believe it’s back to a true number again.  Whoo-hoo on both counts!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “Life On Speed Dial”

  1. GOOD FOR YOU, Nancy. Allow me to be the first to congratulate you wholeheartedly for such an accomplishment (and Charlie too, of course). Do something nice for yourselves.
    You’re right about life on speed dial. It’s especially rough for me right now, but currently I’m hiding behind a curtain at the Saltscapes expo, reading blogs because I want to. Not talking to anyone but my friend Rob, whose booth I’m hiding behind, and just taking time out. It’s all good.

  2. You deserve congratulations, all around, Nancy. Smell the roses can never be emphasized too much. It’s my mantra.

  3. Hi Nancy, I thought you ended your post beautifully…what better way to stop and smell the roses then embracing life as a smoke free couple! Congrats…I used to smoke, 35 yrs ago (college years). Great news on the visitors! gail

  4. An excellent post, and reflections to consider. I’m always trying to slow down and ‘smell the roses’ — while my tendency is to dash from project to project. But gardening, and tending plants is one of the best ways I’ve found to make my pace more of nature’s pace.

    Good for you and Charlie to be three-months smoke-free!


  5. Nancy, I used to be one of those people on the “fast track,” too. I think I had that ah-ha moment when I retired. I noticed an orb spider on the bushes one day, one I’d never seen before, and spent time everyday watching it spin its web. Now I do take time every day to just enjoy the beautiful scenery around me.

    Congratulations on three months! I was wondering how you were doing…that is fantastic!

  6. Nancy, First, congrats on being smoke free! Know it is hard to do. Each day will be easier and easier.
    You are right about the ‘taking time to smell the roses’. Seems like we are filling every spare moment of our days…. until I go out to the garden. It is nice to lose track of time and enjoy the offerings of Mother Nature.

  7. Nancy,

    Great post. I’ve been following this type of pattern for several months. It’s good to hear that somebody else stop for a moment and looks around.


  8. Hi Nancy, we are so proud of you for the smoke free lives you now lead. A big hug for you and a hearty handshake for Charlie. Life is too wonderful to not notice all the little miracles around us every day. And a big thank you for the birthday wishes and the exercises to get ready for a fully physical season of gardening. Twisting is always bad, for every part of my older body. Retraining oneself to not twist is vital. And to take frequent breaks, and get out of the sun with a cool beverage. It has turned into summer here very quickly, too quickly, and can put health at risk. There is still much spring gardening to do, hope it cools back down for a bit longer so we can get it done. :-)

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