Twilight Serenade

Twilight serenade...

Sweet hour of peace! On the prairies brown,
On the quiet homestead’s dun-gray walls,
On the silent lanes, on the distant town,
Like a benediction the twilight falls.

Slowly, softly, the roseate glow
Pales, yet lingers; the robin’s tune
Is hushed to silence; a silver bow
Hangs on high — ’tis the new white moon.

The moments pass. See that moving gleam!
Nearer it comes, swift, weirdly bright;
And a train, life-laden, with eerie scream,
Sweeps down the valley into the night.

The moments pass. We are wrapped about
With thickening shadows; one by one,
In the deep, dark blue, the stars shine out.
Night and silence — the day is done.

From ‘An Evening Monologue’ – Ellen P. Allerton


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “Twilight Serenade”

  1. Tonight, I don’t have any peepers, just the drip of the air conditioner and a slight ringing in my ears from the noise of the day. But seeing that photo and reading the poem brought me to instant peace. Nicely done!

    The poem is lovely, and that was just an excerpt, jodi. I’m glad it helped bring your day to a peaceful end. :)

  2. Sweet, sweet robins! I saw my first one about a week ago. It just makes the heart swell :)

    That wonderful song — the first in the morning, and the very last at night. Yes, they are sweet!

  3. I too am a dusk person. That magical hour between light and dark seems so fraught with possibility, so charged with power! I never feel more alive.

    That’s what it is…it’s magical, as if one is waiting for a tangible dark curtain to open, unveiling some secret play within. :) I love that.

  4. I went to sleep listening to the peepers and awoke this morning to the song of my resident robin on the fence. I love the poem…I’ll have to look up An Evening Monologue.

  5. Nancy,
    Have you checked this out? There is a picture of Ellen Allerton and an alphabetical list of her poetry. I really like the way she writes. Thanks for posting this poem, so we could enjoy reading something written so long ago.

    Balisha, thanks so much for this link! While I’ve read several of Allerton’s poems, this is a virtual treasure chest! I do like the way she writes, too!

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