Spring Comes Slowly…But It Comes

crocus“‘Tis a month before the month of May,
and the spring comes slowly up this way.”

– Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Spring does come slowly, especially this year, it seems, but perhaps it is just as well.

Only this weekend I started tomato seeds:  ‘Better Boy’ and some ‘Yellow Pear Shaped’ seeds I picked up this weekend that look especially good.  They can be planted and harvested early.  However, it will be several weeks yet before we’ll need to think of that.  It felt good to play in some dirt, if only for a short time!

Meanwhile, my Mom’s crocuses are just now poking their little heads above ground, their purple, white, yellow and variegated Easter colours just a week late.  The poor things are in an area that gets most of the snow plow’s deposits, but still they persist each year, putting on a most welcome show.

This week, my older daughter leaves for Alberta to work with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute for four months.  She’s driving the 5,000 kms so that she can have her car with her for days off — that’s a very long drive!  It works out to about 3,200 miles!  However, she’s quite excited about the job and looking forward to exploring a western province.  Hopefully, she’ll make some good professional contacts and this term postion will turn into something more permanent.  I sure will miss her.  I’ll be keeping her kitty for her while she’s gone — she’ll be back home the first of September.

I hope to get out this week and search for more signs of sprng.  Tonight, the froggies are singing their little hearts out; a sweeter lullaby was never composed. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “Spring Comes Slowly…But It Comes”

  1. Hurrah! The crocus is beautiful. And the excitement of Spring’s arrival is unequaled.
    Is this an internship? It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I completely understand your concern about such a long trip. Hopefully she has a cell phone and/or computer. What advantages there are for keeping in touch these days!! :-)

    Hi Shady — my daughter has two Science degrees (Biology and Environmental Studies) and, though she has worked several term/casual positions over the past 7-8 years (some as long as a year), there have been few full time positions locally. She’s been working at the Halifax Casino for the past year and JUMPED at the chance to apply for this short-term position. Keeping fingers crossed that it will perhaps morph into something more permanent. :)

  2. Nancy .. I would give just about anything .. to have those wonderful frogs near my garden .. there is nothing like their song to fall asleep to. You are very lucky indeed girl !
    That is going to be a fantastic opportunity for your daughter : ) She will be fine .. so try not to worry about the drive .

    She’s an excellent driver with lots of experience so I shouldn’t worry — it’s always the other guy (or the other moose, etc.) that I worry about. :) She stays in touch with texts and emails along the way. :)

  3. It’s nice to see that spring is finally making its way to you, Nancy. The frog songs are a sure sign that it is here to stay.

    Good luck to your daughter on her new position and through the long drive. When my daughter moved to Arizona a year and a half ago, it was hard for me because all my family had always been close by. But now with cell phones and e-mail, it’s so much easier to stay in touch. And it gives me an excuse to go to warmer climes every winter:)

  4. Spring is TOO slow to come this year–I can’t remember being this impatient before.

    Did you direct sow your tomato seeds?

    BTW: I accidentally rejected your comment on my post this morning; I have a thumb that doesn’t always work properly and it hit the wrong key. I cut and pasted it in there, htough. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Once you find these first signs, others are sure to follow….Spring must be like a pot of water – a watched spring never comes :-) We started some tomato seeds this weekend as well, though these nights are still getting too cold.

    Sounds like your daughter should have a nice summer position — hope she gets the right contacts to find a long term position in her field.

  6. Good morning, Nancy! Blessings on your daughter’s trip. I know that Mother’s Heart that goes with her. Yes. Yay! for the first crocus. And, I agree, there is nothing quite like the chorus of frogs outside our windows at night to bring a little smile to our lips as we fall asleep. Enjoy. xoxo

  7. I’m so glad you could dig in the dirt for a little while, Nancy
    ;-) Digging is good for the soul!

    Your mom’s crocus is so pretty. Of course, mine are long gone, here in VA!

    Hope your daughter has a wonderful experience and great success on her journey! I’m sure you will miss her. I miss my daughter, too…she’s away at college. But she’s only 3 hrs. away so she comes home occasionally, and will be home in May when the semester ends…so I can have her around again for a little while!

    Have a wonderful day! Jan

  8. I am glad to hear someone else said spring is slow coming this year! Thanks for reminding me to get my tomato seeds planted. I usually do the smaller ones that come on early, too.

    Your daughter’s job sounds exciting. I wish her well.

    Great crocus shot, Nancy. I love purple, maybe I was royalty in another life.

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