Trivia from The Garden

xtulipsJust for kicks — write your answers down and I’ll post the correct ones tomorrow.

1.  Which of the following belong to the rose family?

[a] plums
[b] cherries
[c] almonds
[d] all of the above

2.  The stems of which of the following flowers were used to fill lifejackets before the advent of modern materials?

[a] thistle
[b] sunflower
[c] daisy
[d] hollyhock

3.  80% of the world’s rose species come from:

[a] Europe
[b] North America
[c] Asia
[d] Africa

4.  The eggplant is a member of the:

[a] potato family
[b] cucurbitaceae family
[c] lily family
[d] peanut family

5.  The most widely grown plant in the world is:

[a] rice
[b] wheat
[c] oats
[d] sunflower

6.  A dragonfly has a lifespan of:

[a] 12 hours
[b] 24 hours
[c] 48 hours
[d] one week

7.  Tulips originated in:

[a] Turkey
[b] Italy
[c] Greece
[d] Holland

8.  Two-thirds of the world’s eggplant is grown in:

[a] Oregon
[b] Ohio
[c] Iowa
[d] New Jersey

9.  After planting coffee seed, it takes approx. _____  years to yield consumable fruit.

[a] 2
[b] 4
[c] 5
[d] 7

10.  Babe Ruth wore a __________ leaf under his cap to keep cool. He changed it every two innings.

[a] cauliflower
[b] cabbage
[c] rhubarb
[d] turnip


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “Trivia from The Garden”

  1. Ha! Great quiz, Nancy! I think i got them all right—we’ll see when you post the answers tomorrow! But I’m very surprised about the eggplant question. Given how much eggplant is consumed in Asia, the Mediterranean, India, and the Middle East, it wouldn’t have ever occurred to me that the U.S. was the eggplant capital of the world!

  2. Nancy .. I had trouble with a lot of them so now I will have to come back and see what the answers were .. I have a feeling some of them were tricky ?? LOL
    Brain cells just sighed and went to bed : )

  3. Oh, thank goodness–I thought I had to write my answers down here! A fun quiz, Nancy; I’ll be back tomorrow to check the answers. I doubt I have any of them right except for Babe Ruth.

  4. Fun quiz Nancy! My hope that my MG class might come in handy on it were dashed after the first question! Now I’m all curious – I’ll be back for the answers. I guessed on all of them except three or four.

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