Easter Post Script…

pinkJust had to share that we’re expecting 15-20 cms (8″) of snow overnight and tomorrow.  Snowfall warnings have been issued for our part of the province.  Ugh!  Cover those snowdrops, jodi! ;)  Ah well, at least it won’t stay long this time of year, but it will likely preclude us joining my parents for dinner tomorrow.  Really, Mother Nature, enough is enough!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

17 thoughts on “Easter Post Script…”

  1. Nancy .. what can I say girl .. that is such a rotten trick from mother nature. Hope perhaps it bypasses you ? any chance ? .. we have cold but clear weather .. the deck guys better show some reason why I hired them this week or I will be so MAD !!! just like you with the snow ? LOL

  2. Hey Nancy, Happy Easter! More snow? Eek. I hope it passes you by!! Soon you’ll be enjoying the warm sunny weather and digging in the dirt:-) Have a wonderful day!

    It did pass us by for the most part, Jan. :) Just some heavy rain here, though New Brunswick (where my younger daughter lives) is expecting up to a foot of snow today and tonight. Ugh. Yes, I’m sure Spring is here — I see wonderful buds everywhere, crocuses, and other signs of HOPE! :-)

  3. Only got an inch here, dear Nancy…the snowdrops seem unperturbed by it all. Even I’m unperturbed. But of course, the day isn’t over by a long shot! Got lots of cleanup done on Friday so I feel like I’ve at least started with the gardening season now.

  4. Ack! Ick! And here I am blogging about spring and gardening – sigh. Wish I could share some of our weather with you guys up north. NOT the tornadoes but the warmth and sunshine. Spring will come to you soon – Spring will come!

  5. There ought to be a law!!!

    I was lamenting rain here in Portland but this made me rethink any possible regret. I know, when it comes, it sure comes in some glory, doesn’t it, out your way?

  6. Oh, my – and we’ve just had a lovely spring Easter weekend.

    I’m sorry that spring is so fickle in your part of North America, but your summers are fabulous, to be sure, and the landscape spectacular. There are always trade-offs.

    A well-known garden writer from New Hampshire said that winter was his time of rest and reflection.

    For Southern (U.S.) gardeners, we never really have much of that time!


  7. So glad to hear the snow mostly passed you by. Spring sure is taking her time this year, isn’t she? After singing a bunch of services in NYC, B and I are north now for a few days off. Feels like it’s a month earlier up here in Hebron.

  8. Dear Nancy, One benefit to arriving late is finding out the weather events after the storms…glad it wasn’t as bad as projected…but it is time for winter to hit the road! gail

  9. Thanks everyone for taking the time to share your comments! Fortunately, we escaped with little snow — the ground was barely white this morning and has already melted. Such is Spring in Nova Scotia, I guess. :-) I hope you all had lovely Easter weekends!

  10. I was just going to say, not every prediction comes true. But I’ve just read your note… You’re right. The snow won’t last long. I’m so glad you’re able to begin enjoying Spring! We look for permanent good temperatures within a week or two… so I’m sure you have a bit of a wait yet. Spring is a wonderful time of year.

    We’ve been recently out of town. So, before I can post about my garden’s goings on, I’m trying to get a few posts of AZ. ;-) (I see I have a bit of catching up to do at “your place!”

  11. I think it is safe to brag now that I put my snow shovel away in March and it has stayed there!!

    Our Easter high was 40º, and I had to laugh yesterday when I saw a woman head into a church we were passing in a flowery sleeveless tank dress and sandals. It made me realize that comfort comes before style in my life now.

    Beautiful flowers on this post!

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